Why I started Blog Carrot and How It Will Benefit You

Hey there,

You are very much welcome to my blog.

If you are reading this post, it then means that you are reading the very first post on this blog.

So virtually everyone wants to start a blog and probably be able to live the internet or laptop lifestyle.

But there is a hard truth we must all admit to.

Not everyone is tech savvy enough to be able to understand all of the online and digital jargon, mostly when it has to do with setting up a successful blog.

Things such as WordPress installation, hosting, domain name, FTP, add-on domains, plugins, menus and widget seems to sound like the language of the barbarians to newbies.

While to some others, installing and setting up a blog on WordPress is like launching a rocket into space.

If you are a regular and active participant in most online communities, you may have noticed some of these complains from most people.

There are those who struggle to choose the best webhost. They don’t know what criteria to look for when picking a hosting service for their blog.

Some are confused as to what theme and plugins is best fit for their blogs, while there those who don’t know how to about the whole process at all.

It is in view of the above that I decide to setup this site to serve a resource for all those who want to create, build or setup a WordPress site.

So, who is This Blog For?

By now you must have come to terms as to the set of people that this blog is principally tailored to help. Well, in case you are yet to figure it out. This blog was created to help out the following set of individuals:

Non techies: These are the people that don’t know anything when it comes to setting up a WordPress site online or are virtually not ready to do it themselves. For these set of individuals, a free WordPress installation service that is tailored to help them.

Beginner: These are the people that have the technical-know-how about setup a WordPress site, but are looking for the best advice and information on things as the best webhost, themes, plugins and blog performance generally.

Intermediates: they already know what they are doing, but may be looking for the latest tips and tricks on the best way to run a successful blog.

Deal seekers: These set of people includes those that are searching for the best deals, coupons and discounts on hosting offers, domain registration and on themes.

Online ecommerce shop owners: For this category of people, this blog shall be providing them with the best high converting shopify and ecommerce themes and the best plugins to add to their store so as increase conversion and boost their sales.

To also add to the mix, this site was also created to serve the needs of those looking for the best guide on how to setup and run a widely successful blog no matter the niche they find themselves.

A Passionate Request

There you have it.

You have seen why this blog was created. From a clear observation, you can see that I am just here to help you succeed with your blogging journey.

Kindly leave a comment below to share your thought and also tell me what you think or anything you think should be added to this blog.

I’d love to hear from you.

See you at the top.


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