How To Start A Profitable Sports Blog From Scratch That Makes Money

Thinking of starting a profitable sports blog?

Alright, I get it.

Starting a blog may seem daunting if you don’t know how to fix all the nuts and bolts together.

You may have come across other sports blogs and as such, looking for a guide on how to start up one.

This post will reveal how to start a successful sports blog from scratch as a beginner that makes money.

This will be a complete guide on how to start a sports blog.

If you are dead serious about setting up a blog in the sports niche, you should have one up and running after reading this post.

This post will cover the following aspects:

  1. The Mind-Set Hack
  2. Choosing A Good Sports Niche
  3. Registering A Domain Name
  4. The Best Hosting To Use and Why
  5. Sports Blog Post Ideas
  6. Traffic Generation Techniques
  7. Monetization

With the content in this post, it is near impossible to fail with your sports blog.

Without wasting much time, let”s dive right in…

1. The Mind-Set Hack

This section is what I normally include in any of my content online that talks about starting a blog.

This is mainly because the obvious reason that most people seems not to get.

While most established bloggers will try to make the whole blogging process look easy and highly rewarding, the honest truth is that it takes time and effort at the beginning.

Most of those five to six figures bloggers didn’t just start today.

Those bloggers has put in years of commitment into their blogs for them to be able to see the results they are seeing today.

While they brandish the big numbers they are making online, just know that the journey is not easy as they make it to look.

Yes! Blogging is a profitable venture, but big fortunes will not come overnight.

You must be ever ready to put in the time and effort needed at the initial stages.

In addition, you must be regular with your content.

Don’t just post five or six content and expert a massive influx of visitors.

You should know that because your blog is new, most of your content will not rank quickly.

It will take time for your content to get indexed and rank on Google.

The blogging game should be seen as a marathon, rather than a sprint.

2. Choosing A Niche

This is where most get it all wrong when it comes to starting a sports blog.

Yes! The umbrella niche is sports, you have to narrow down on which sports your blog will cover.

You will not just writing content on all the sports available in the world when you are not BBC Sports or ESPN.

This simply means that you have to decide which sports your blog will focus on.

Is it football, wrestling, boxing, basketball, golf, tennis, horse racing, rugby, etc.?

You just have to niche down to any one of the sports available in the world.

In some cases, you will need to further niche down.

Taking the football sub-niche as an example, you may niche down further into La liga, Italian Seria A, English Premier League (EPL), French league one, etc.

There is even a sub-niche in football called fantasy football that you can venture into.

Whichever way you choose to go, there are two major things you must bear in mind in selecting a niche:

i. Interest

A niche in the sports you are interested in means that you’ll always have the drive to write content.

This will ensure that you are always up-to-speed with what is happening in the game.

If you’re interested in the niche you have choosing, it will just be fun producing content.

ii. Passionate and Large Following

This is a factor that will affect both your traffic and monetization.

A sports niche with a large following, means that you will have enough people to target.

With passionate followers, it means that the fans are most likely to spend money.

Once these boxes are checked, be rest assured that you’re already on the right path to success.

Looking at the factors above, it is time to decide on the sub-niche that your blog will be focused on.

A clear observation of most successful sports blogs will reveal that they are focused on a particular sports.

3. Registering A Domain Name

This is the point where you decide what to call your sports blog.

For inspirational purpose, you can visit business name generator to get a good name to call your blog.

Business Name Generator

At business name generator, put in a name of your choice, then click “Generate“.

It will spill out certain names that you select from to serve as your sports blog name.

Business Name Generator Ideas

Another way around this is to visit other sports blogs and see what they name their blogs:

From there, you should have an idea of what to call your own blog.

After that, you will have to register a catchy domain name for your blog.

For less than $10, you can register a domain at NameSilo.


Just head over to NameSilo to begin your domain registration process.

>>> Click Here To Register Your Domain With NameSilo <<<

4. Choosing Your Hosting Provider

After registering a domain name, the next thing is hosting.

The best hosting that I recommend for a sports blog are

SiteGround hosting


And 5Cloudhost.


Even though there cheaper hosting like Bluehost.

Bluehost Free Domain

SiteGround and 5Cloudhost are recommended because two major reasons:

i. Uptime: A sports blog is one that must be regularly updated.

Outside this, it must be available 24/7 to fans looking for the latest news of the game.

This means that such a blog must be readily available at all times.

This is a feature that both SiteGround and 5Cloudhost can handle with ease.

But with Bluehost, there seems to be instances where their uptime is not at its best.

ii. Handling of large traffic: This is another common scenario with sports blogs.

Sports blogs tends to experience large amount of visitors on a daily basis.

If the web host you’re using is not situated to handle large traffic, your blog will continually be offline.

But SiteGround and 5Cloudhost are two website host that can adequately deal with the two issues raised here.

For this post, we shall be using SiteGround.

Visit SiteGround and select any hosting plan and click to sign up.

Siteground Best Pricing

On the page below, please insert the domain you have already registered with NameSilo.

Please don’t register a domain with SiteGround.

This blog post clearly shows why you should not register a domain with any web host rather, you should do that with NameSilo.

So put in the domain you registered with NameSilo and click on proceed.

Siteground Domain Registration


It is now time to select your hosting duration and pay for your hosting.

But before you do that, you have to be aware of SiteGround renewal fee. That is why I recommend that you either go for longer hosting periods or you use 5Cloudhost.

At 5Cloudhost, their hosting plan is valid for 5 years. Going with the most basic plan of $127 will still even out to $30 per year. This is still considers cheap when compared to SiteGround.

Pick your preferred hosting, make payment and continue with the rest of this post.

Siteground Complete Order

Changing of Name Servers

If you are following this post, you should have registered your domain with NameSilo.

And because of this, you will have to change the name servers at NameSilo to that of SiteGround or 5Cloudhost depending on which web host you went for.

To do this, login to your NameSilo member’s area and click on “Account Domains”.

Namesilo Account Page

Check the box next to the domain you and click on “Change Nameservers” at the top.

Namesilo Change Name Server

Then just change out the existing name servers with those provided by your web host and click on submit at the bottom of the page above.

Namesilo Change Name Server 2

When you’re done, wait for up to 10 minutes for the changes to be effected.

Installing WordPress

WordPress is the content management system (CMS) that is most recommended for blogging.

This is because it is easy to use and customize. To be able to install WordPress on your blog; login to the cpanel area of your hosting.

Scroll down and locate the WordPress icon, click on it to begin your installation.

5cloudhost Cpanel WP Installer

Fill in the required details and click to install WordPress.

WP Installer Page Description

You can as well visit this blog post which contains a detailed guide on how to start a blog. It contains all that is needed to master WordPress and move from beginner to a pro.

Sports Blog Post Ideas

By now, you should have your blog up and running. The next thing you are to pay attention to is how to generate post ideas for your blog.

Simply put, what do you blog about? What do you write on? What are the things you should be putting out on your blog?

This is obviously the very next thing that should be running in your mind.

To solve that, here are the things you should be writing about on your sports blog:

1. Upcoming Match Fixtures

Most fixtures comes with a lot interesting intrigues. You can run an analysis on upcoming fixtures on your blog.

You can talk on whom you think will win the match and why you think so.

This may involve a head-to-head analysis on the two teams.

If you are so good at it, your blog can be place where fans will have to turn to for pre-match analysis.

2. Post-match Analysis

After every match, you can do a detailed analysis of the match.

In your analysis, you can talk about what happened in the match, the winners and losers and why they either won or lost.

You can go ahead to do some ratings on the players as well.

Your ratings should detail those that performed well and those that didn’t.

3. Latest News from the FA, Clubs and Players

This is where most sports blogs thrive on.

Your ability to catch and stay on top of the latest news in and around the sport your blog is focused on will surely stand you out.

It will also help you to drive more traffic to your blog from fans looking for such news.

You must however be quick to release these news if you must see success with this approach as most information in the world of sports seems to become stale easily.

All that you have to do is to blog about any latest news from the football association regulating the sports your blog talks about.

This is also the same for clubs news and any news about players and athletes in that sports.

Some of this news can be gotten from the website or social media pages of the FA, clubs and players.

4. Players or Athletes Lifestyle

Topics on these aspect usually create a buzz and do well online.

Every sports surely has players or athletes that engage in it.

These players are humans just like you with lots of fans looking up to them.

You can be following the big players and athletes on social media and be the first to blog about their lifestyle as soon as they post such on their social media page.

You blog can then be a hub for fans looking to check out the lifestyle of these players.

5. General News and Update

This is common with virtually all sports blogs.

You should also know that there are always news and happenings on daily basis in the world of sports.

You must be quick to post about these news on your blog for fans and readers to follow along as well. This is because most news and happenings in the sports world are time bound.

For example, news about the 2018 FIFA World Cup is not relevant anymore. Even news about 2018/2019 La Liga season is outdated.

You just have to scout for the latest news for your blog.

Traffic Generation Techniques

You can have the best content on your website, if nobody reads it, it is worthless.

After posting those great content on your blog, you must eyeballs to it.

Some of the ways you can attract visitors and generate free traffic to your sports blog are:

1. SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the free ways to get visitors to your blog.

This is mostly effective when it comes to latest and trending news.

If you’re quick to post any latest or trending news in your niche, Google will index your blog and rank it higher on its search engine.

When people search for that news on Google, your blog will pop up and they will click through to read the information on your blog.

By doing so, you will have floods of visitors to your blog without any effort.

This approach will work well if your post is timely. This is one of the methods that will help to establish your blog online.

2. Social Media

Majority of sports fans do hangout online.

They are always online either looking out for the latest news or holding discussions on any trending news.

If you can identify those social media communities and post your content there, that is massive traffic to your blog.

Some Social Medias that do well with sports are Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn and Twitter.

i. Facebook

For Facebook, just do a search for the groups and fan pages for the sports that your blog focuses on.

EPL FB Groups

Then join the group and start sharing your content.

Please do remember to read up any of the group’s rules and regulation. It will help to know the type of content that is allowed in that group.

ii. Reddit

On Reddit, search for Sub-Reddit related to sports and join. Soccer Subreddit


Be careful to read the rules of the Sub-Reddit before posting your content.

Rules for Soccer Subreddit

You can also post your content directly on Reddit without joining any Sub-Reddit. But the idea of joining a Sub-Reddit is to give your content the initial interaction needed to make it go viral.

Do reply or contribute first before posting your own content in order not to get banned on Reddit.

iii. LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, the process is fairly straight forward.

Login to your LinkedIn profile and post your content. It may not send much visitors to your blog, but it’s still relevant.

It also helps to diversify your blog’s backlink profile and social signals.

iv. Twitter

That of Twitter is easy!

Tweet about your content with relevant hashtags. Don’t forget to tag those your content addresses.

When done right, you can see a lot of retweets of your content and spikes of visitors to your blog.

3. Sports Forum

A simple search online will reveal some sports forums around your blog.

This is a place where fans and lovers of the game do hangout to discuss latest happenings in the game.

On these forums, you can post your content with a link back to your blog.

As visitors gets to see the rich content and information on your blog, the tendency of them always coming back to check is there.

How To Monetize Your Sports Blog

So, how do sports blogs make money? This is one question you may have up your sleeves.

Better still, you may be wondering how you can make money from your sports blog.

Here and now, I am going to share with you some ways you can be making money from your sports blog.

The best ways you can make money with a sports blog are:

1. AdSense


This is one of the easiest ways with which you can monetize your blog.

If you want to go through this route, all you need to do is to sign up with Google AdSense, copy and paste a line of code on your blog to get started.

For quick approval, you should have at least 30 articles on your blog.

Your blog should also be getting some amount of traffic already and all legal pages should be in place.

The amount of money you will make is proportional to the number of your blog’s visitors.

2. Affiliate Marketing

There are several affiliate products you can promote online.

There are lots of sports betting sites with affiliate referral programs that you can promote.

These betting sites will pay you commissions for referring people to them.

You can also look into the option of promoting CPA offers that are sports related.

In addition to this, you can be a merchant for sports teams and help them to sell game tickets for a cut in the sales.

3. Sell of Membership Subscription

This is a route you should consider especially if you are a good tipster.

This will be an inner circle membership for those who needs premium service from you.

You can set up a monthly subscription membership for those that are into sports betting.

You simply provide detailed match analysis and get paid to do so.

4. Sell of Shirts

You can come up with shirts designs and sell those to your audience.

What you’ll do is to think of a T-shirt design and then head over to Teespring to have your design printed.

You can also be a merchant for clubs and help them to sell their jerseys for a commission.

5. Sell of Physical Products

While this may not be possible for all sports niche, it is however a money maker for some.

This will works well in hobby sports niches like Golf and Basketball.

Niches like golf will have people looking for clubs, sticks, hand gloves and other golf accessories.

While basketball will have people looking to buy balls, shoes, hoops or looking into improving their vertical jumps.

Tennis will have people probably who want to buy racket and shoes.

Those into hiking will also want to buy the best running shoes and gears.

Guess what?

Virtually all of these are available on Amazon.

All you have to do is to sign up for Amazon Associates Affiliate program and start promoting these items.

You can also promote these items from sites like Walmart and eBay.

My Final Thought

That is all for these post.

You’ve seen how to start a sports blog from scratch and make money with it as a beginner.

Which monetization strategy are you going to try out?

Or which blog post ideas will you adopt?

Let me know your thought.

Kindly use the comment section to share your view.

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