How To Reduce SiteGround Hosting Annual Renewal Fee With Discount Price Code


You’re about to start a new blog, the next thing up your mind is hosting.

You’ve heard about how good SiteGround hosting is:

With lots of good and honest reviews about their services floating online.

Guess what?

You’re hooked up.

You quickly sign up for a hosting account with SiteGround.

And then, after one year or at the end of your current hosting duration, a huge unexpected renewal fee stares you right in the face.

Then the next question that comes to your mind is how to reduce SiteGround hosting annual renewal fee.

Maybe the above does not perfectly describe you, but:

You want to make a switch over to SiteGround,

Your current website host is a complete BS,

You are tired of server downtime, slow site speed and your blog going offline too often.

Or you own a large business online and you’re for the best web host that can handle such a large business.

Whatever it is that may have informed your decision to consider SiteGround as an alternative.

But you’re stuck at the moment because of the expensive SiteGround renewal fee.

It could even be that that you’re just a beginner just starting out to whom SiteGround has been recommended to.

But your sixth sense just say that you should do a research on them.

And then comes the moment of truth.

SiteGround Hosting Annual Renewal Fee!

You then go on to read the complains of others:

How it is too expensive.

How they never saw it coming.

They are broke beginners with no extra budget for such an expensive cost.

If you’re yet to sign up to SiteGround , just hold on until you finish reading this post.

But what if you’ve already signed up with SiteGround?

I’ve got you covered in this post as well.

This post will show you how to reduce SiteGround hosting annual renewal fee drastically.

This post might even be the deciding article that will change your perspective on how you view SiteGround starting from today.

With that said,

How Much Is SiteGround Hosting Renewal Price?

It should interest you to know that SiteGround hosting renewal price is $240.

This is the amount you’ll be billed should your current hosting expires.

Most of the time, bloggers does not know about this amount.

SiteGround is really good at selling you their good features such that you’ll not even border to ask about their renewal fee.

It is good that you know this now before ever signing up to SiteGround.

If you have the budget, this may not be an issue to you.

But if you’re on a shoe-string budget, you may find it too expensive to pay, considering the fact that you paid a lot less when signing up.

Does SiteGround Hosting Have Renewal Discount or Coupon Promo Code?

This is probably the option that most people will want to take.

Mostly those whom has already signed up with SiteGround and their current hosting is about to expire.

To be frank with you,

The honest truth is that there is no SiteGround hosting renewal discount or coupon promo code.

SiteGround does not offer any discount or coupon code for their hosting renewal.

Even though most bloggers will want to lure with that bait.

The best you can get in terms of a discount or coupon code is when you’re just getting started with them.

Immediately you’re signed, you are duty bound to pay their expensive renewal fee if you still want to continue with them.

But will have a way of getting over 70% of SiteGround’s hosting renewal fee later in this post.

If that is the case, what do you think makes SiteGround renewal fee that too expensive?

Why Is SiteGround Renewal Fee Too Expensive?

When people complain that SiteGround renewal fee is too expensive,

I tend to ask if they didn’t see it coming.

Now let’s look at the hosting plans for SiteGround.

Siteground Pricing

From the image above, you’ll see that their basic plan (i.e. StartUp) goes for $6.99/mo, GrowBig for $9.99/mo and GoGeek for $14.99/mo.

But a closer look at that pricing plan also reveals the regular price for each of those plans.

This regular pricing plan goes as thus:

  • StartUp for $14.99/mo
  • GrowBig for $24.99/mo
  • GoGeek for $39.99/mo.

What this simply means is that the regular price is what you’ll pay when your initial plan expires.

When you’re signing up for SiteGround hosting for the first time, you’ll pay the special price, but when that first initial plan expires, it jumps back to the regular price.

With all that has been said about SiteGround in this post, your next question may likely be

Is SiteGround Hosting Good?

Without any bias, I must say that SiteGround is good hosting company.

They provide one of the very best website hosting service online.

They are fast, efficient and reliable.

Over at SiteGround, you’ll see all the perks that they offer.

Siteground Features

  • Free WordPress installation
  • WordPress Auto updates
  • Free SSL
  • Daily backup
  • Free CDN
  • Free Email
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • Dynamic caching
  • Unlimited Databases and lots more.

Despite how good SiteGround is, one thing you must be wary about is:

High unexpected expensive renewal fee.

How then do you reduce the renewal fee that SiteGround will eventually throw at you?

How To Reduce SiteGround Hosting Expensive Renewal Fee

The suggestions listed below, when followed will drastically see your annual renewal fee at SiteGround go down.

This suggestions has worked for other and it will do the same for you.

Just do as stated here and see the magic that will happen.

So let’s begin…

1. Don’t Register You Domain With SiteGround

This is one of the very common mistakes most people make, most especially beginners.

When signing up for any web host at all, they tend to offer you an opportunity to register a domain with them if you don’t already have one.

Siteground Domain Pricing

Hey listen up!

Web hosting service providers will gladly offer you that opportunity.

Do you know why?

It is a money maker for them.

They are simply domain resellers whom are ceasing the opportunity of you not have a domain name already.

But then, have ever stopped to look at how much those domains cost?

For SiteGround, that is $15.95 per year.

This is outside domain privacy protection which cost is $12/year.

This will also re-bill at a regular price of $24/year after your current hosting plan expires.

That will bring it up to a total of $27.95 per year

Just look at how much the same domain would have cost you at NameSilo.

Namesilo Domain Pricing

Just $8.99, including a free domain privacy protection.

Namesilo Domain Features

That is a difference of $27.95- $8.99 = $18.96

Don’t be carried away by the perks and goodies you’re offered in your first year.

By the time that first year or the initial payment plan elapses, the renewal fee will be something else.

But guess what?

Registering your domain with NameSilo is not yet the end of it.

You’ll still have to link it up with your SiteGround hosting account.

This blog post gives a detailed account of why you are not to register a domain with your web host and also how to change your name servers in NameSilo.

2. Choosing The Appropriate Hosting Plan

When signing up for a hosting plan, the hosting company usually want to sell you their priced plan.

This is done by showing their most popular plan.

Siteground Best Pricing

Sometimes you may even been drawn by the features of these pricey plans.

There is one absolute truth you must know:

You may not actually need those pricey plans and its features.

Look at the GrowBig and GoGeek plans at SiteGround.

Yes they have excellent and exciting features, and notable among them is the use of unlimited domains.

Now let me ask you, how many websites can you successfully manage at a go?

Even most big time bloggers are only known by just one website.

If you decide to go for GrowBig or GoGeek instead of the StartUp plan, just know that a higher renewal fee awaits you.

Hey friend!

Do you know that for the first one or two years of your blogging journey, you might still be struggling to make your very first website a success?

As you can see, you don’t necessary need those expensive bigger plans most especially when you’re just starting out.

3. Pay For Longer Hosting Duration

Except you don’t see a future in your blogging career, this is the best route to take.

Check this out!

If you plan to blog for a longer time, why pay for just one year hosting?

Oh! I get it.

You’re on a budget right?

But you still want to blog?

If you pay for one year hosting, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Let’s see how a longer hosting plan will give you a huge discount.

Just look at the SiteGround hosting plan for different years,

The prices for their various yearly plans are:

One year $83.88

Siteground First Year Pricing

Two years $239.76

Siteground Second Year Pricing

Three years $377.64

Siteground Third Year Pricing

If you decide to go for the yearly plan and pay $83.88 for the first plus a renewal fee of $240 after the first year, in three years, that will amount to a total of $563.88

Why not go for the three years hosting of $377.64

Doing so will save you a discount of over 66% on renewal fee.

As you can see, it is more economical to pay for a longer hosting duration upfront than just paying for one year hosting.

4. Contacting SiteGround To Ask For Renewal Discount or Coupon Code

Are you surprised that this is on the list?

Listen up, this simple hack has worked well for others.

What you have to do is simply to contact SiteGround to please provide you with a discount or coupon on your renewal fee.

Just tell them that you wasn’t expecting the expensive renewal fee on your hosting account.

You can also add the fact that you are considering moving your site to other web host should they fail to provide with the discount or coupon code.

You’ll surely be given a discount on your hosting renewal fee if you ask politely.

Just try it out.

But there is an exception when it comes to using this approach.

So what it is?

You must have stayed with SiteGround for a longer period of time.

This approach may not work if your current subscription with SiteGround for which you’re renewing is just for a year.

It works well if you’re renewing a longer hosting subscription.

Secondly, for this approach to work, ensure that you’re renewing for more than a year.

This will show that you’re serious and ready to stay around for a longer period of time.

5. Transfer To Another Website Host

If all options above fails, then you have to consider the option of moving your site to a cheaper but better web host.

There are other web hosts out there that will serve the same purpose as SiteGround.

Some SiteGround alternatives that you can explore are Bluehost and 5Cloudhost.

If you’re really on a budget, the web host I recommend is 5Cloudhost.

5CloudHost Pricing

As you can see above that is the price you will have to pay for a 5 years hosting duration.

The best part is that when it is time for it to renew, there is no hidden charges.

You’ll still pay the same amount that you paid today after 5 years.

Their service is top notch and they provide a real fast page speed experience.

5Cloudhost also comes with a really good uptime.

>>> Click Here To Get Started With 5CloudHost Today <<<

So, there you have it

You can now see how to reduce SiteGround’s hosting annual expensive renewal fee to the barest minimum.

It’s Now Your Turn

We’ve come to the end of this post.

But I’d like to hear from you.

Which of the steps above will you implement right away?

Please use the comment section to share your thought.

Don’t also forget to share this post.

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