How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website With Free Traffic

So you’ve been approved to promote affiliate products on Clickbank?

Aside that, you now have your affiliate link ready but then, how do you promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic?

That is the question that most beginners who are broke tends to ask on a daily basis.

Let me be quick to inform you that if you want to see quick results and profit, paid traffic is the way to go about it.

What if you don’t have money to build a website let alone pay for traffic? Don’t worry, this post will show you how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic.

Even though the techniques that is covered in this blog post does not require any form of paid traffic, you must know that it does require time and effort. This is because on the internet, you are either trading time or money.

This means that if you are not paying to fast track the whole process, you will be doing it yourself.

Enough of the talk, let’s get started…

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is the largest and biggest affiliate network for digital products.

Jvzoo and WarriorPlus are other examples of affiliate networks that you can also checkout.

Digital products sold on Clickbank includes software, ebooks, digital trainings and courses.

How Does Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Works?

Basically, what Clickbank does is that they link people (product vendors) who creates courses, training and software with affiliates.

The type of courses you can find on Clickbank are not just courses on how to make money online. Courses available on Clickbank includes:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Sports
  • Meditation
  • Personal development
  • Music
  • Woodworking
  • Parenting & families
  • Education
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Home & Garden
  • Employment & Jobs, etc.

. . .

The best part about Clickbank is that you can get paid significant amount of money to promote products without actually having to make any of the product yourself.

Most times if you know how to do it, you can promote these products for free and make money with zero upfront investment.

In essence, how Clickbank works is that you find someone else’s product, you promote that product and every time you make a sale, Clickbank pays you a commission. This is known as affiliate marketing.

For example, if you find a $1000 product and promote on Clickbank that pays out a commission of 40%, any time you make a sale for that product, Clickbank will pay you $400.

Getting Started With Clickbank

To get stared with Clickbank is fairly easy, just head over to Clickbank and sign up for an account.

. . .

On the sign up page, fill in the required information to have your account created. When you’re done, you should be logged in to your account member’s area.

From the member’s area of your account, click on “settings” to fill in your bank details. This will enable Clickbank to send you your payment when you make a sale.

. . .

Generating Your Affiliate Link On Clickbank

In order to promote any product on Clickbank, it must be done through an affiliate link.

An affiliate link is a unique URL that is only specific to you. It is so specific to only a single individual such that any sale made through that link can be easily tracked and that sale credited to the individual that owns that link.

To generate your affiliate link, click on the “Promote” button of the product that you want to promote.

. . .

On the dialog box that comes up, provide your Clickbank nickname and click on “Generate Hoplinks”.

. . .

Doing that will generate your unique affiliate link with which you can use to promote that particular product.

. . .

This same process should be repeated for any product you intend to promote on Clickbank as no single affiliate link can be used to promote all the products on Clickbank.

Shortening Your Clickbank Affiliate Link

Shortening your affiliate link is a must if you are thinking of promoting Clickbank products without a website with free traffic.

This is because most of the platform that you will be placing your links on may not accept the raw affiliate link that you generate from Clickbank.

Another reason why you should consider shortening your affiliate link is that the raw affiliate link from Clickbank is too long and on the other hand, looks like a spam; and this may discourage people from clicking on them.

But when the affiliate link is shortened, it looks less of a spam. With this, it takes away any fear in the mind of potential customers to click on the link.

How Do You Shorten Your Clickbank Affiliate Link?

To be able to shorten your affiliate link, simply use a service called On, you just insert the affiliate link from Clickbank and click on the “shorten URL” button. It will generate a shorter version of the affiliate link.

. . .

When you try to access this shortened URL, will then be redirected to the original affiliate link.

You can use other services like TinyURL and shortly – these are all free services that does not require any cost on your part to use.

While the services of free URL shortening service can still suffice, there is still a drawback with them. That is the fact they are accepted on all platforms such as Facebook and Quora.

To get around this, the best URL shortening service is Maps Mentor.

. . .

Inside of Maps Mentor is a URL shortening tool that does not get blocked by any platform. You’ll still get to track the clicks that you receive and also get to know where those clicks are coming from.

>>> Click Here To Sign Up To Maps Mentor <<<

The Best Products To Promote On Clickbank

Before thinking of how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic, you must be able to select the right product that will work with this approach.

If you log into your Clickbank account and head over to the marketplace, you will be greeted with a lot of products you can promote and make money from.

. . .

If you are a beginner who is just starting out or even an experienced marketer, the best niches to dive into are E-Business & E-Marketing, Health & Fitness, Self Help and Dating & Relationship.

Products in these categories tends to convert well because they are basically the necessities that we all need in our daily lives.

Come to think of it, people will always be looking for ways to make more money or an extra income, look healthy, develop their skills & personality and always fall in love or want to improve their relationship.

As you can see, these niches have a kind of a mass appeal which tends to affect a wider population within the society.

Selecting The Best Clickbank Product To Promote

Yes! Clickbank is filled with a ton of product you can promote and make money from.

Even at that, it does not mean that every product on Clickbank will convert very well and make a sale.

How do you then go about picking the right product to promote if you are looking on how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic?

To do this, head over to Clickbank marketplace and click on the little magnifying glass icon.

. . .

It will return a result showing the products on Clickbank ranked according to the best sellers.

. . .

Looking at the products on Clickbank will reveal certain information about each listed product.

. . .

Information such as the following will be noticed on most Clickbank products.

Initial sale: This is the amount you will receive instantly for generating a sale for that particular product.

  1. Gravity: This is a number that indicates how many affiliates has made a sale of that product in the last 12 weeks. A higher gravity score shows that more affiliates are currently promoting and making money from that product. It also means that there is too much competition for the product.
  2. Average %rebill: This is the commission percentage you will receive after the initial sale. This is usually indicated on products that has some form of membership or recurring subscription.
  3. Average Rebill Total: The amount you stand to receive for referring a sale of the product after the initial sale. This comes into play if it is a recurring product.
  4. Average %sale: This is the commission percent that product vendors are ready to offer to affiliates for promoting the product.
  5. Average $/sale: This is the amount that you will make for selling the front-end product. This is the same with the initial sale.

Criteria To Look Out For In A Good Clickbank Product

If you are thinking of how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic and do it effectively, the criteria below should be considered:

#1: Moderate Gravity

Any Clickbank product you want to promote without a website with free traffic should have a gravity of 30 – 200.

This will ultimately ensure that you are not facing any stiff competition from other affiliates whom may be promoting that same product as well.

The gravity number above shows that the product is converting and making money for the affiliates that are promoting it. With these type of product, you are bound to make some sales promoting them.

#2: Recurring Payments

Any product with reverse arrow sign underneath it, has a recurring payment plan attached to it.

. . .

What this simply means is that after the first initial payment, the buyer will still be charged for still using the product or service. This will only stop if the buyer cancels or opts out of the service or product.

Promoting products with recurring payment option is one of the best ways to earn passive income online. You don’t need to be bringing in sales every single day, week or month in order to continue making money.

The previous sales referred by you will continue to make you money without doing any extra work on your path.

#3: Affiliate Tools Page

This is another factor that must considered when promoting products on Clickbank.

Products with “Affiliate Page” will make it very easy for you to promote that promote.

. . .

This is because the product vendor would have provided the necessary materials such as ebooks, email swipes, video, testimonial videos, banners, review article, press releases, social media post, etc., with which you can use to promote the product.

With all of these already provided for you, all you need to do is to deploy such resources and start promoting the product.

In order to effectively promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic, the resources mentioned above will play a major part in the whole process because that would have shortened the whole learning curve for you.

Ways on How to Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website With Free Traffic

This post contains ten (10) best ways on how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic. With the methods discussed in this post, you simply don’t need a website of your own or to start a blog.

What you’ll simply be doing is to leverage the authority of already established online properties to promote any Clickbank product of your choice.

Since going through this route involves the use of free traffic, you must be ready and willing to put in the required effort that is required to make this work.

To add to that, patience is also required because with free traffic, it takes time to convert unlike paid traffic that is fast and has quicker conversion.

Without much ado, let’s get started…

#1. Posting Reviews On Medium

This method is termed leveraging authority.

What you are simply doing by posting content on Medium is to leverage the high domain and page authority of Medium website to drive quality traffic to your affiliate link.

. . .

The major advantage of using Medium aside its high domain and page authority is the fact that affiliate links are allowed on Medium. So you’ll not be bothered about getting your post deleted or your link removed for any policy violation.

How To Write Affiliate Product Reviews On Medium

The three major ways of coming up with an affiliate product reviews are:

  • Writing it yourself after using the product
  • Re-writing other people’s reviews in your own words
  • Outsourcing it to content writers

Whichever route you choose to take, the most important thing is to be able write a review on the particular product you want to drive sales to on Clickbank.

But the best way to go about this is to buy the product first, go over it and then write an honest review about the product based on your experience about the product.

But if you don’t have the money to spend, what you can do is to search on Google and Youtube for a review about the product and simply rewrite the review you’ve find in your own words.

Let’s say you choose to promote the product “Red Tea Detox”, what you simply do if you don’t want to buy the product is to search for it on Google and Youtube.

. . .

Open up some of the reviews you have found and a few of the videos and simply go over them to have an understanding of what the product is all about. Then rewrite the reviews you have read and watched about in your own words – with that, you just have for yourself a good reviews about the product that you can now post on Medium.

As a rule, never you blindly copy someone else review, try as much as possible to rewrite the reviews you have found in your own words. This is very important.

When you are done with the review, head over to Medium and sign up for a free account. Once inside your account, click on your username and select post a “story”.

. . .

It should then open up the section where you can then post your reply.

. . .

Don’t forget to link from your review through your affiliate link to the product you’re promoting.

Try as much as possible to ensure that your review is as detailed as possible because your review on Medium is what you’ll be linking to in subsequent methods in this post.

Once your review is posted on Medium, grab the URL of the post and save it because your post on Medium will now act like a bridge page to the main product.

#2. Blog Commenting

I do know that you probably saw this coming.

But the blog commenting approach in this post is unlike what you may have come across on other blogs, forums and communities online.

What is normally common on other blogs online or what you may have come across on other places online when it comes to blog commenting is for you to do a search for blogs in your niche or a specific keywords and start commenting on those blogs.

An example of what other online self-acclaimed gurus will tell to do as far as blog commenting is concerned is this: let’s say you are in the fitness niche, you then do a search for “Top fitness blogs”

. . .

What you then do is to open up the blogs that shows up in the search result and start placing your comments on them.

But the best way to do blog commenting is not to go after blogs in the niche of the product you want to promote but to go after keywords that are bring in lots of traffic around that product.

Let’s take John Crestani’s product “The Super Affiliate System” as an example.

. . .

This is a product in the make money online niche. This product talks about how to make money online as a beginner or as an experienced marketer.

Some of the keywords that can be used to promote this product are:

  • How to start affiliate marketing
  • Make money online on Clickbank
  • Make money online with free traffic
  • How to start an online business
  • Make money from home as a mum
  • How to promote Clickbank products without a website, etc.

What you’ll then do is to head over to Google Keyword Planner and do a search for any of the keywords in order to get more keyword ideas.

. . .

As you can see, Google keyword planner will then show you certain details about that keyword such as other related keywords, monthly search volume, level of competition and cost per click.

. . .

Your attention should be on the monthly search volume and related keywords. As a rule of thumb, always go for keywords with high monthly search volume.

From the keywords that shows up in Google keyword planner above, let’s go for the keyword “make money online with Clickbank” and do a normal Google search for it. This keyword has a monthly search volume of at least 10,000.

. . .

The results on the first page of Google simply shows you the blog posts that are ranking for that particular keyword – which has got at least 10,000 searches per month according to Google keyword planner.

Did you know that the first six blogs on Google will account for 75% of the search volume? That means that the first six blogs with be receiving an average of 7,500 visitors from people searching for the keyword “make money online with Clickbank”.

Since the first six blog post are getting most of the traffic, it does means that if you leave a comment on those blog post, your post will be seen by lots of people and that opens up an opportunity for your link in the comment to be clicked.

Having gotten to this point, the next thing to do is to open up those blog posts that appears on the first result page of Google and see if they allow comments. If they do, simply leave a comment with a link back to the Medium article you have already.

. . .

Now, you don’t just leave your own comment on those blog posts irrespective of the number of comments already posted on that post.

What you must do for this approach to work is to only leave a comment if there are less than twenty (20) comments already on that particular blog post.

This is because most blogs only shows the first twenty comments, while the rest comments are nested together as comment pages.

. . .

If you leave a comment on a blog post with more than twenty comments already, there is a huge likelihood that it will not appear on the first comment page but will be nested together as comment pages thereby defeating the purpose for leaving the comment because you actually want people to see your comment and possibly click on your link.

What do you the do if a post already has more than enough comments?

Simple! Just reply the very first comment on that post.

. . .

This will show your comment at the very top of all other comments on that page and also ensures that as visitors from Google lands on that post to read, your comment is there for them to see after reading the post.

The Best Way To Write Blog Comments

The best way to write blog comments if you want to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic is not to leave short comments like:

  • Amazing post
  • Good write up
  • Very informative article
  • Nice post, etc.

Instead, you should do is to read through the post and be prepared to leave 150 word of content as your comment.

Secondly, when leaving a comment on any post online try as much as possible to talk about areas that the post did not cover.

Thirdly, another hack you can use is to be at variance with the post. With this hack, all you need to do is to disagree with the post and present your own view about the topic of the post.

One final way you can best leave a blog comment is to use the question bait approach. In your comment, you simply ask a question pretending as though you are seeking for recommendation on a the product that you are promoting and simply leave a link back to your Medium article for others to check out and give you their advice.

As people click through to check out your Medium article before coming back to give their advice, some may eventually be interested in the product and purchase through your affiliate link contained in the article.

All of these commenting methods will eventually get your comment to be noticed and get approved by the owner or webmaster of the blog. From there on, it is free traffic to the Clickbank product that you’re promoting.

#3. Posting Content on Reddit

Reddit just like Medium is another web property that possess both high domain and page authority.

. . .

The approach to be used on Reddit is just the same as was done for Medium – which is posting reviews of the Clickbank product you want to promote on Reddit.

Since you would already have your review posted on Medium, you can take that same review, change it a bit and repost it on Reddit. This should be difficult to do, it just requires 30 minutes of additional time to do this.

When posting on Reddit, please do not insert your affiliate link. Only link back to your Medium review which already have your affiliate link in it. The reason for this is that Reddit does not like self-promotion that much.

Therefore linking back to your Medium article is safer than linking directly to the product through your affiliate link from Reddit.

To begin posting content on Reddit, just sign up for an account on Reddit and once inside of your account, you can start posting content.

. . .

Don’t forget to add images to your post where and when necessary in order to make your post more appealing to read.

NOTE: Do not post your affiliate link on Reddit, only link to your Medium article.

#4. Forum Posting

This method is one of easiest approach you can explore.

Look for forums in the niche that the product you want to promote is in and simply sign up to those forums.

For example, if the product you want to promote is in the health niche, simply search for “Health + forums” on Google.

. . .

For Fitness – “Fitness + forums

. . .

For Sports – “Sports + forums

. . .

For Personal development – “Personal development + forums

. . .

For Make money online – “Make money online + forums

. . .

Any niche at all, just do a simple Google search and you will find lots of forums that you can sign up to.

Once inside the forum as a member, start providing value and helping out other members in the community – that is what will get you to be noticed and get people reaching out to you for expert advice.

As people reach out to you, after offering advice and help, just look for products on Clickbank that may be of a solution to their problem and offer it to them as a supplement to the advice already proffered.

You can also send those people off to your review on Medium if the Medium article is related to the problem they are seeking answers to.

#5. Answering Questions on Quora

Over the years, Quora has grown to become one of the largest Question and Answer website online.

On Quora, you’ll find a lot of questions seeking for answers. If you are looking for how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic, Quora will provide you with floods of visitors without you spending a penny on traffic.

To begin using Quora, just search for a question that the Clickbank product you want to promote can solve.

. . .

Click on the questions and start providing your answer with a link back to your Medium article.

. . .

The reason you’re to link back to your Medium article and not to the product directly is because your Medium article is a review of the product.

And as a product review, it will help to presale the product before the visitor even clicks through to the product sales page.

Another reason is that it helps to ensure that you don’t post your affiliate link on Quora rather it is your Medium article that you’re linking to, which helps to protect your account from getting banned as a result of posting affiliate links.

Posting to your Medium article from other sources mentioned in this post also helps to build backlinks to your Medium post, thereby helping to rank on Google.

#6. Posting on Pinterest

Before I show you how to drive massive amount of traffic from Pinterest, just check out these Pinterest profiles.

. . .

You can see the huge amount of monthly traffic these profiles are getting every month from Pinterest.

Assuming you want to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic, have you seen the huge number of visitors that you can potentially be getting on a monthly basis?

Simply sign up to Pinterest to create an account and head over to Canva to start creating beautiful looking Pinterest pins.

Once your pins have been created, post them to Pinterest with a link back to your Medium article.

. . .

From now on, all you need to do is to create and post more pins to start driving huge traffic from Pinterest.

The video below will walk you through on how to create pins and post on Pinterest.

. . .

#7. Posting on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have the potential of providing free traffic if you want to promote Clickbank products without a website.

On Facebook, search for groups related to your niche and join them.

. . .

After joining those groups, go and properly optimize your Facebook profile in relation to the niche you are into. This will help to position you as an expert in that niche.

When you are done optimizing your Facebook profile, return back to those groups and start providing value to other members by answering their questions.

As you become active in the group, people will start clicking through to check you out on facebook and adding you up as their friends.

If you’ve properly optimize your profile, you’ll start seeing some sales as people click on the link in your profile to purchase the product you are promoting.

This short video will properly show you how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic on Facebook.

. . .

#8. Posting Videos on Youtube

Youtube as the second largest search engine on the internet after Google has the potential of providing you with huge amount of visitors when considering how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic.

The approach with Youtube is simply to record a video and post it on Youtube with a link in the description of the video back to your Medium article.

It does not matter if you are an introvert or a broke beginner, you can actually start a Youtube channel on a budget without showing your face.

You can even start a Youtube channel with your phone. Just use your smart phone to record yourself and post the recorded video on Youtube.

You can as well use this launch jacking tutorial as a guide on how to record, optimize and post videos on Youtube that drive traffic to your affiliate link.

If you’re at starting an authority Youtube channel without showing your face, I highly recommend that you check out this product called “GateWay”.

. . .

You will get an in-depth tutorial on how to promote affiliate products on Youtube without recording any video yourself or showing your face on camera.

The members’ area are loaded with tutorials that will hold you by the hand and walk you through the entire process.

. . .

If you want a review of the GateWay training course, watch the video below.

. . .

>>> Click Here To Sign Up To GateWay <<<

#9. Posting Videos on Video Sharing Sites

Video sharing sites are simply other websites just like Youtube that you can upload videos to.

These websites also receives a ton of visitors on a monthly basis.

Redistributing the video you already have on Youtube on these other sites, will help to send more visitors to your product review article on Medium.

As always, after posting your videos on other video sharing sites, do remember to drop a link to your product review article on Medium in the description of the video.

Also, in the video do not tell the viewers to check the link in the description.

#10. Using Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing sites works in the same way like how video sharing sites works.

In this regard, just take your article on Medium and turn it into a PDF.

This can easily be done using higher version of Microsoft word – just choose the option of saving your document as a PDF.

. . .

Once you have your pdf ready with your affiliate links strategically placed in it, just head over to the document sharing sites on the internet and start submitting your pdf document.

As people visit those document sharing sites, your pdf will have the potential of being read or downloaded. With these, there is the potential of those people clicking your affiliate link and making a purchase.

Some document sharing sites are:





Bonus Tip – Using Traffic Underdog

Traffic Underdog is a training that shows you how to drive traffic to affiliate offers.

. . .

The methods covered in this training are mostly free traffic methods that does not require any financial commitment on your part.

Some of the results generated using the methods discussed inside of the Traffic Underdog training are shown below:

. . .

As a bonus for signing up to Traffic Underdog today, you will get the following:

. . .

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You’ve Made It to the End

At this point, how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic should not be a daunting task to you anymore.

This post has covered ten best methods including a bonus tip that you can use today to effectively promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic.

So which of the methods from this post are you going to try immediately? The blog commenting method or posting reviews on Medium?

Are there any methods you are currently using to promote affiliate products online that does not require the use of a website and involves free traffic?

I’d like to hear from you. Let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t also forget to share this post if you have fund value in it.

Sharing is caring!

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