NameSilo vs WebHost Domains: Which Is The Best For Registering A Domain Name?

They offer you a free domain and you’re excited right?

That is one of the marketing gimmicks that web hosting companies use in wooing and capturing their customers.

In fact, most bloggers promoting their service also use it to lure you to buy hosting through their link.

But then, did you know that the free domain offered to you is a rip off?

It may seem handy and cost effective at the beginning, but it is not worth it.

To even make matters worse, some hosting companies don’t offer theirs for free.

Yet you still find most people picking it up.

The question I have for you today is this:

“Between using Namesilo and webhosting companies to register a domain, which is best for you and which is more economical?”

Whichever way you think of it, it is better to use Namesilo than using webhosting companies.

In this post, I’ll go into details to show you why you should never use web hosting to register a domain.

Before I go into details to show you proof, why do you think most people still uses web hosting providers to register a domain when signing up for a web hosting account.

Reasons Why People Still Uses Webhosting Companies to Register a Domain

If you’ve ever attempted to sign up for a web hosting plan, you would have noticed an option to register for a domain if you don’t already have one.

Bluehost New Domain

For most newbies, this is often the route they would take when starting a blog.

Some of the reasons why they do this can be seen below:


The hassles of registering a domain separately and then linking it up to a web host may one of the reason.

Thus, in order to do away with the stress involved, they fall for the trap of using their webhost to register a domain.

Unknown to these set of folks, it literally takes less than twenty seconds to link up a domain to a web host.

All that is required is just to change the name servers for the domain.

Being On a Budget:

If you’re on a budget when starting a blog and does not have enough cash at hand, this may be option you may take.

More tempting is even when the domain is offered for free as in the case of Bluehost.

Bluehost Free Domain

You may want to save some cash by going for their offer.

Though economical at the beginning, but this post will show otherwise.

Lack of Technical Know-How:

Most newbies does not have sufficient digital skill.

So instead of burdening themselves with all the hassles involved in getting a domain elsewhere, they rather capitulate and take up the offer from webhosting companies.


If you have come across most post online on how to start a blog, there is not a place for registering a domain separately.

This has over the time made many newbie to think that as though that is the norm.

These bloggers just encourage beginners to sign up for webhost, which will involve registering a domain concurrently.

The above are some of the reasons why the trend of using webhosting companies to register a domain has continued to flourish.

But then, let’s look at the moment of truth.

Domain Cost Comparison from Different Providers

For this comparison, we shall be looking at the following domain providers:

  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  • 5Cloudhost
  • WPX Hosting
  • Namesilo

Mind you, this post is only limited to the domain providers listed above.

It should also apply to virtually every other webhost out there.

This comparison will also be putting into consideration the fact that your account with any of these domain providers last for at least three years.

This is the duration that will give a better insight and perspective into this case study.

So let’s begin.

1. Bluehost

One of the reasons why Bluehost might be darling of most new bloggers is the free domain they offer.

Bluehost Free Domain

But here is a spoiler alert!

Most newbie never seem to quickly comprehend that the free domain is only for the first year.

This means that from the second year, its game on.

You will have to pay to continue keeping that domain.

And because you’re already stuck to them, guess what the renewal fee is? $11.99 per year.

For a three years period, it will cost you $23.98 to keep the domain.

Here is a break down:

First year          $0

Second year    $11.99

Third year       $11.99

Total              $23.98

That is just the basic price for the domain only.

Should you decide to have site protection on, that is an additional $0.99 per month.

Bluehost Domain Privacy

For three years, it will amount to $35.64, but this comes free with NameSilo.

So, the total of domain cost + site protection = $59.62

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2. SiteGround


This is one of the best and fastest webhost on the internet.

With data centers in five locations across the globe, SiteGround actually knows what they are doing in the industry.

Guess what the sad news is?

They don’t offer a free domain to start with just like Bluehost.

This means that you will have to pay for any domain you register through them right from the first year.

SiteGround Domain

SiteGround domains cost $15.95 per year.

The breakdown for three years will amount to:

First year          $15.95

Second year     $15.95

Third year       $15.95

Total              $47.85

Site protection from SiteGround is $1.00 per month, amounting to $12/year.

SiteGround Domain Price

For three years period, that will add up to $36.00

The total of domain cost + site protection with SiteGround = $83.85

Registering a domain with SiteGround is a practice I discourage because it helps you to reduce SiteGround hosting renewal fee.

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3. 5Cloudhost

5Cloudhost provides the cheapest webhosting service for beginners.

They offer a five year hosting plan for just $47.


As far registering a domain goes, 5cloudhost is not different from beginners.

This is because you won’t be getting a free domain from them while signing up for a hosting plan.

The domain registration fee at 5Cloudhost is $12.00 per year.

5Cloudhost Domain Pricing

For a period of three years, that will add up to $12.00 X 3 = $36.00

If you eventually opt in for site protection while signing up, it then means an additional $3.75/year.

5Cloudhost Privacy Policy

All of these will bring your cost up to $47.25

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4. WPX Hosting

They pride themselves as the fastest webhost on the internet.

WPX Hosting

This is the webhost that I recommend for large and high traffic websites.

But then, how do they stand when it comes to domain name registration?

At WPX Hosting, the cost for domain is $10.99per year.

WPX Hosting Domain Pricing

For three years, that is a total cost of $32.99.

For WPX Hosting, we could not get the amount for domain privacy protection.

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5. NameSilo

This is ultimately the domain registrar that I recommend.

They have the best customer support you can think of.

Their domain registration only cost $8.99 for Top Level Domains (TLDs).



In addition, you also get a free site protection for life as long as your domain remains with NameSilo.

What then is the cost of registering a domain at NameSilo for a period of three year?

For three years, the cost of a domain at NameSilo is $8.99 X 3 = $26.97

That is all you need to pay.

Remember that the longer your blog stays online, the cheaper the domain cost get over time when compared to using web hosting providers.

If you’re looking at starting a blog, I will advise that you register both domain and web host separately.

This will help you to drastically reduce your renewal fee when you hosting plan expires.

What you should do is to register a domain at NameSilo and use it to sign up for a webhost.

Should you decide to go these route, you’ll need to link up the domain to your webhost.

These can easily be done by simply changing the name servers of your domain to that provided by your web host provider.

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How To Change The Name Servers of Your Domain

In order to be able to connect a domain to your webhost, it has to be through the name servers.

When you sign up a domain at NameSilo, it already has a name server from NameSilo attached to it.

At the point of signing up for a hosting plan, you will be given name servers to use.

Just log in to where you register your domain and change out the name servers, then you’re done linking up your domain to your hosting account.

If you had registered your domain with NameSilo, follow the steps below to change your name servers.

Log in to your NameSilo account.

On your dashboard, locate and click on the “Account Domains” section.

Namesilo Account Page

This will take you to the page below,

From here, check the box close to the domain you want to change its name server and click on “Change Nameservers” above it.

Namesilo Change Name Server

Copy and paste the name servers from your hosting provider and click on submit below.

Namesilo Change Name Server 2

With these, you have successfully changed the name servers on your domain and have it connected to your hosting account.

So, don’t ever go for the option of registering a domain through a web hosting provider again.

I’d Like To Hear From You

There you have it for this post.

What do you think about using NameSilo to register a domain instead of web hosting providers?

Do you think it is more cost effective?

Use the comment section to share your thought.

I am waiting to read them.

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