Launch Jacking Tutorial: The Best Way To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Making money online has always been the dream of most people, but they seem not to fully understand how the whole concept works.

This launch jacking tutorial will reveal a step by step process on how you can make money online starting today.

Some have tried their hands on so many money making ventures such as affiliate marketing, YouTube advertisement, launch jacking, Facebook ads, etc.

But if you are looking to make money online as a beginner using the launch jacking method, then continue reading because this article is for you.

Before we begin, I must sound a warning that this is not a get-quick-rich scheme.

And don’t expect to wake up to $1,000,000 in your bank account overnight, because this takes time, effort and some amount of dedication if you must see results.

With the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way:

Grab your favorite drink and take out any form of distraction, put your phone on silence, turn off the TV and log out of Facebook,

After which you need to grab yourself a pen and paper so as to be able to jot down some golden nuggets that will be revealed in this book.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Without stressing the topic, affiliate marketing is simply a business model whereby you are paid a commission for helping to sell a product or service.

This commission ranges from 4% – 100%, depending on what the vendor or merchant is willing to offer. It is sometimes called referral marketing.

See it this way, have you ever bought anything through someone else recommendation?

If the person that recommended that product or service to you was ever paid any commission for referring you that is affiliate marketing at work.

Vendors and merchants uses this method of marketing in order to drive more sales for their products and services.

What is Launch Jacking?

Launch jacking is a form of marketing whereby products and services that are yet hit the market are promoted so as to earn a commission.

In launch jacking, just as the name implies, what you have to do is to hijack a particular product or service launch and make money during the launch phase or period.

In trying to do launch jacking, there are two main routes to choose from i.e. the blog method or the video method.

This post will focus on both methods of doing launch jacking.

How Does Launch Jacking Works?

To fully understand how launch works, let us consider a product called “X” that is about to be launched into the market.

What the product vendor will do is to recruit and mobilize top and super affiliates to help promote the product.

Mind you, these top affiliates all have a large following in the form of a huge mailing list, blog readers, YouTube subscribers and social media followers, etc.

As these affiliates starts talking and mailing their subscribers about this upcoming product “X”, it will create a buzz about the product online.

But then, there will be some people who will not buy the product straight away but will rather go over to Google or YouTube to look for reviews about the product in order to better understand how the product works before they will buy.

It is this set of people that are looking around for an honest review online about that particular product that we are going to hijack with our review.

That is why it is called launch jacking.

We are simply taking advantage of the buzz created online by the top affiliates that product vendors and merchants have recruited to promote their products and services.

This method though highly rewarding, is not a sure banker for everyone looking to try it out.

In order for it to work and be effective, you’ll need to entice these people who are looking around for a review with some good and custom bonuses.

These will be bonuses that they cannot get elsewhere.

This will ensure that they get to buy through your affiliate link. Don’t worry, all of that is already covered in this book.

The Relationship between Affiliate Marketing and Launch Jacking

Launch jacking is a form of affiliate marketing.

Just that in the case of launch jacking, we are focusing much on products that are yet to be released to the general public.

Why It Is the Best Method for Making Money Online For Newbies?

This, in my opinion is one of the ways newbies can make money online.

This is because it is less competitive to get started in this niche.

Reason being that the products that you will be promoting are not yet launched and as such, does not have much competition associated to them.

Also, it requires less capital to start.

This is so because most newbies just starting out does not have enough money to invest in digital marketing.

But with launch jacking, you’re utilizing most of the resources you already have.

Finally, this method makes use of free traffic techniques:

Since you will be ranking your review video on both YouTube and Google.

What this means is that you are not going to be paying a dime to get customers.

Rather, we are going to be hijacking spill over traffic from super affiliates.

It should be noted that affiliate marketing can be used to promote products in virtually every niche such as health, fitness, ecommerce, sports, education, etc.

But in this post, we shall be focusing on the internet marketing niche with a specific reference on the WarriorPlus marketplace.

Tools for the Trade

In order for you to be able to effectively carryout this trade, there are some basic tools that will be needed.

But you don’t worry as 90% of these tools will be free or what you already have.

Just that you only need to transform what is already at your disposal for use in this business. These tools includes the following:

a. Internet connection: This is obviously one of the essential tools that will be needed.

This is due to the fact this is a business that will be done only via the internet. Therefore, you must need an internet connection for you to start this business.

b. Computer: Though some self-acclaimed internet marketing gurus may have indoctrinated into you that you don’t need a computer or laptop in order to run a successful internet business, claiming that you cell phone is enough.

This they do most times just to sell you their course and programmes.

The honest truth is that you definitely need a computer or laptop to start a highly successful internet business if you are really serious about making money online.

c. Jvzoo Account: Jvzoo is an affiliate market place mainly for software launches. All you need to do is to visit to create an account and then fill up your account profile with your bank details in order to be able to receive your money after making some commissions.

d. WarriorPlus Account: This is also an affiliate market place just like Jvzoo, but this is principally for digital products and information products. Visit to grab your account as well.

e. Muncheye: Muncheye is an affiliate marketing product launch calendar.

Simply put, Muncheye is like a calendar for upcoming product launches.

This is where we’ll be focusing more of our attention as we will be visiting the site to look for upcoming product launches to promote.

You don’t need an account to use Muncheye, you just have to go over to the website to look for a product to promote.

f. YouTube Account: Since we’ll be making videos and ranking them on both YouTube and Google, we definitely need a YouTube account for this strategy.

If you already have a Gmail account, then you already have a YouTube account as well.

Go to after login to Gmail, and then click on your channel icon to setup your account.

g. A Blog: This is one of the most important toll for this business.

You’ll be needing a blog where you are going to be posting product reviews.

Visit this post to get a detailed guide on how to start a blog as a beginner.

h. OBS Studio: This is an open source screen capture software.

OBS stand for Open Broadcasting Studio, it can be used for recording YouTube videos.

With OBS, you can record both the screen of your computer or laptop together with your webcam.

OBS is free to use and easy to setup, just watch this video, to see a complete guide on how to setup OBS.

Better still, you can do a search on YouTube for “OBS setup tutorial” to get different videos showing how to setup OBS. To get OBS, visit

i. Shotcut: This is also an open source software but mainly used for editing videos. It is free to use and easy to learn.

Just search for Shotcut on Google and install the latest version for your system.

Also go to YouTube to search for “Shotcut tutorial” so as to get videos showing how to setup and use Shotcut.

To get Shotcut, just visit

j. Canva: Canva is a free to use web-based graphic editor.

We’ll be using canva mainly to design our YouTube channel art, thumbnail and bonus graphic.

We need a professional looking thumbnail so as to stand out of the crowd.

To get started with canva, visit

k. Phone: I know that by now you will be confused as to why we also have this on the list:

After telling you that the gurus are only using it as a marketing gimmick to rip you off.

We just the phone to record a short affiliate approval video that we will be sending to product vendors so as to get a quick affiliate approval.

l. Vid IQ: This is a free chrome extension that can be found on the chrome web store.

You can also find it by doing a Google search for it.

What this plugin does is to reveal both the channel and video tags for any given video or channel.

Selecting the Right Offer

Making money from this method lies on the fact that we need to choose the right offer to promote.

In order to pick the right offer, we need to head over to muncheye to look for the right offer to promote.

At muncheye, we need to pick a launch from an established vendor.

To know who an established vendor is, you need to go to WarriorPlus and click on the affiliate tab.

Right there you will see products already launched and the name of the vendors who launched the product underneath the product name.

Just go through the list and note the names of the vendors you see there.

Then go to muncheye and look for a vendor’s name that you see on WarriorPlus.

These vendors are known as established vendors and they put out a product launch on a regular basis.

As a side note, make sure that the product you want to promote is at least one week ahead of time, probably two weeks.

This will give you more time to prepare for the launch and also to ask for your affiliate approval.

After picking the offer you want to promote, the next thing to do is to click on the product name on muncheye to visit the list page.

As an example, we will be using the product named Traffic Nemesis, which will be launching on the 3rd of March, 2020.

From the product list page, you’ll see more details about the product such as:

The vendor’s name: Manny Hanif

The launch date: 2020-Mar-03

The launch time: 10:00 EST

Amount: $13

The commission being offered by the vendor: 100%

The JV (Joint Venture) page link:

Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus

Our interest is on the JV page link, so you’ll have to click on the link as shown in the picture above.

This will take you to the JV page of the product.

On the JV page, you’ll get detailed information about the product such as the product description and funnel sequence, a demo video if the product is a software, the launch date and time and the vendor’s name (usually at the bottom of the page).

How to Request For Affiliate Approval

You must request for approval in order to be able to promote any product.

To that, on the JV page you will have to click on the WarriorPlus link to get our affiliate approval. (We’ll click on Jvzoo link if the offer is listed on Jvzoo).

Clicking on the WarriorPlus link will bring us to a page with details about that product on WarriorPlus.

On this page, you will click on the “Request Approval” button link, to request for approval to promote the product from the vendor.

A message box where we need to write to the vendor that we need to promote his product.

But instead of just writing a message inside of this box, rather what we are going to do is to use our phone to record a short video message.

At this point you’ll have to use your phone and record a short video of yourself telling the vendor about your interest in promoting his product and how you intend to promote it.

As an example, what you will say in your video application may sound like this;

Hi [vendor’s name],

My name is [your name]. I am reaching out to you just to express my interest in promoting your product [mention the name of the product] that will be launching on [mention the launch date].

I just completed a training on affiliate marketing using the launch jacking method and would appreciate an opportunity to put into practice what I have learnt.

I will be promoting it on YouTube and also on my blog.

I promise not to send you any junk traffic as my method of promotion will be via launch jacking on YouTube and ranking my blog for product reviews.

I am comfortable if I am put on delayed commission.

I will be grateful if my request is granted and also wishing a successful launch.

Thanks for your anticipated response and approval.

That’s all you have to say.

You will then upload the video to your YouTube channel as an unlisted video.

After which, grab the video link and send it to the vendor when applying for your affiliate link.

After applying for approval to promote the product from the vendor, you will greeted with a page that looks like this;

When you click out of the dialog box above, you will then come to a page that looks like this:

After requesting for your affiliate link, you’ll still have to reach out to the vendor on social media (you will find their details on the JV page of the product).

Just inform them that you have requested to promote their product.

You can drop the link to the video you made with your phone for them on social media.

You must do well to follow up on the vendor so as to get your link approved.

Most of these vendors will be busy with their launch and some may not want to approve you if you’re a new affiliate.

So you must follow them up with more reasons why they need to approve your request.

Another ninja hack that works wonders is to tell the vendor that you want to pay for the product so as to be accepted as an affiliate.

Don’t worry, most of these products don’t cost more than $20.

So if you can afford it, just offer to pay for the product ahead of time as this will tell the vendor that you’re really serious about promoting his product.

Another thing you must know is that you’re to send more affiliate request for different products in order to boost your chances of getting approved for at least a product.

My take is to send up to ten (10) request and do a follow up on all of them.

This will brighten your chances of getting your request approved.

If the vendor has approved you to promote his product, the page above should look like the page below, with your custom affiliate link on it.

Demanding For a Review Access

A review access is simply an opportunity to be able to get access to the product and go through it even before it launches to the general public.

Product vendors usually give out access to their product to affiliates in order to enable the affiliates to go over the product and better understand what the product is all about.

This is because a better understanding of the product will help the affiliate put up a better review, which will also help to drive more sales for the product.

To get a review access for any product, you have to first of all get your affiliate link approved, after which you can approach the vendor to demand for it.

While demanding for a review access from any vendor, you must present your demand from the stand point that you want better understand the product so as to be able to up a good and honest about the product.

Otherwise, your request might be declined.

One hack to this, is to offer to pay for the product before it even launches.

The products on muncheye majorly have an average price of $20.

This is what you can afford if you’re serious about this business.

But then, make a request first before exploring the option of paying for the product, because paying for the product should be your final resort.

Setting Up Your Bonus Page and Delivering Bonuses

Bonuses are essential if you must make enough money in this business.

This is mainly because there are tens to hundreds of other affiliates and even super affiliates whom will be promoting the same offer as well.

In order to be outstanding and entice people to buy through your link, you must be ready to give potential customers more reasons to buy through you.

What Are Affiliate Bonuses?

Affiliate bonuses are simply additional perks that you offer to potential buyers as a means of enticing and giving them a reason to buy your affiliate link.

This can be in the form of videos, ebook, trainings, one-on-one coaching, mastermind, consultation, etc.

Bonuses are necessary because they help you to drive more sales through your affiliate link and also makes you look more serious about this business.

Where ans How To Get Bonuses To Promote Affiliate Products

If you are just starting out as a newbie, you probably don’t have any product of your own to offer as a bonus just like the top affiliates do.

But there are a few bends around this hurdle.

You can get bonuses through the following means:

i. PLR: PLR stands for Public Licence Rights.

What this means is that you have the right use the material in any way that you like, either for commercial or personal purpose.

PLR material are usually free to use and they exists in ebook, videos and software format.

One place where you can get PLR materials is

You can also do a search for PLR products online.

ii. YouTube Videos: YouTube videos can also be used as bonuses.

If you happen to know or come across any videos on YouTube that you know can be of a good help, benefit and resource to those who may be willing to buy through you, you can grab the video URL and share it with them.

iii. Your Experience: Bonuses can also be crafted from your own personal experience.

If you have a knowledge on anything that might be of help and benefit to your customers, you can pen it down, do a video recording or record a voice note about it and present it as a bonus package to them.

Your experience can come from a past job, a seminar or workshop you once attended.

A course or programme that you undertook in the past can also be an experience.

iv. Blog Post: This is another way of offering bonuses that you can explore.

There is a blog post on virtually any topic or niche you can think of on earth.

A simple Google search will help to reveal all that you are looking for.

After landing on a blog post that you want to use as a bonus, all you need to do is to share that blog with those who may be interested in buying from you.

You should note that in sharing someone else blog post, you must not assume or present it as your work.

You must acknowledge the original owner of the blog article.

v. Bonus Product Pack: One of the ways that you can easily have dozens of bonuses to give away at any time is to purchase a bonus product pack.

Bonus product pack are bundle of different products:

Sometimes numbering up to 80 that you have licence rights to from which you can easily pick out your bonuses from at any given time and day.

You can check out this product called Profit Maximizers.

vi. One-on-One Consultation: This is one of the most quality bonus that you can offer.

A one-on-one consultation with those who will buy through your affiliate link discussing how to effectively use the product.

This will be highly appreciated by those whom may be interested in buying the product.

This is simply because most big time vendors do not have time to talk one-on-one with their customers and even their support desk is being handled by a team of virtual assistants and not the product vendor himself.

So a personal consultation with somebody more knowledgeable will be a no brainer for them.

Qualities Of A Good Bonus

It is worthy to state here that offering bonuses alone is not what you should be focused on.

Rather, you’re to make sure that the bonuses that you intend to offer passes certain criteria that will be mentioned below.

If not, it will be difficult to converts visitors into sales even though you seem to be offering bonuses to entice to buy through you.

a. Congruency: The bonuses being offered by you must be congruent with the offer that you are promoting.

Take for example, you are promoting a product that talks about Facebook advertisement.

A bonus talking about building websites is not a congruent one.

Rather, a bonus about how to create a high converting fan page is a more congruent bonus, because you require a facebook fan page to be able to run facebook advertisement.

b. Complimentary: Your bonuses should also compliment the product you are promoting:

That if at all it happens not to pass the congruency test.

Using our example above, a bonus talking about how to protect your facebook account and avoid it from getting banned by facebook will be a good complimentary bonus.

Another bonus will be how to recover a banned facebook ads account.

Or how to open another ads account after your old account has being banned by facebook.

c. Less Quantity: Most affiliate marketers think that throwing up so many bonuses sometimes numbering up to 30 or more will help to attract more buyers to buy through them,

The truth is if the bonuses are more, it tends to weaken the value of the purpose of offering the bonus in the first place.

With that said, your bonuses should not exceed seven as a rule of thumb.

This will help you to actually put your best foot forward and reduce the chance of offering grapy products as bonuses.

It will also help to increase the value of the bonuses that you are offering.

d. High Quality: This is another feature that you must definitely lookout for.

Do not lay your hands on any material to present as a bonus.

Your bonuses must be of a higher quality if it must convert.

Most times, custom bonuses produced by you such that it cannot be found elsewhere is your best bet when it comes to offering bonuses.

This is because most times, the PLR materials, Youtube videos and blog post that you may want to use a bonus might also be in the hands of other marketers whom may also want to offer them as bonuses as well.

In order to overcome this, a custom bonus only made by and available only through you is your best bet.

This will definitely raise the quality of the bonuses that you will be offering.

e. Scarcity: If you have invested a lot of effort in searching, producing and putting together the best bonuses out there that is far better than what everyone else is offering:

Making it time-bound will help to drive more sales through your affiliate link.

You can make your bonuses only available to the first 30 or 50 buyers.

Another thing you can do is to put a timer on your bonus page or a scarcity bar showing that the bonuses are limited in supply.

This will help to generate many impulse sales as those really interested in your bonuses will want to buy through you so as not miss out on the bonuses that you’re offering.

f. Help the potential Buyer Understand the Main Product: That you are well experienced in the digital marketing space that does not mean that every other person is.

To add to that, most product vendors seems not to make their products with newbies in mind.

This then leaves the average newbie confused and totally lacking when it comes to fully understanding what and how to go about the product they just purchased.

If you can provide a video guide explaining the product better or provide an online interactive class for buyers in the form of webinar, it will be highly appreciated.

How to Setup Your Bonus Page

At this juncture, you must concluded on what your bonuses should be.

After deciding on your bonuses, the next thing is to setup the bonus page where the bonuses will be listed.

To do this, you will be using Google docs to setup your bonus page.

This is to ensure that it is only accessible by those whom has actually bought the product through you.

Login to your Google account and do a search for Google docs.

Use the Google doc to write about your bonuses.

Google doc is just like a Word editor.

So if you can use Microsoft word, then using Google doc will not be a difficult thing for you.

You will then come to page that looks like this:

After clicking on the blank document as shown above, the page below comes up;

You must ensure that your bonus page is congruent with sales page of the product i.e. your bonus page should have the look and feel of the sale page.

If you are not good with design and graphics, you can screenshot certain aspect of the product sales page and embed it on your bonus page.

After that, you must not forget to include a CTA i.e. Call-To-Action on your bonus page, which should be hyperlinked to your affiliate link.

In listing your bonuses, just write the name of the bonus, followed by a graphic and add a little description of the bonus and its benefit.

Then move on to the next bonus until you are done with all of your bonuses.

One thing you must not forget to do is to put a call-to-action under after every second bonus.

A good example of a bonus page setup and it being congruent with the sales page is the bonus page of a super affiliate called Bauke for a product he was promoting called The Lost Code.

The sales page and the bonus page are shown below:

The bonus page is shown below:

Please if you are just starting out and can’t do the graphics, you can just write the name of the bonus and its benefits that will do.

Delivering Your Bonuses

After your customers must have bought through your link, the next to do is deliver the bonuses you promised them.

To do this, there are two major ways you can go about this:

i. Using Your Email: This is obviously the easiest way to go about it.

All that you need to do is to put an instruction on your bonus page together with your email address.

You’re going to be telling potential customers to email you with their receipt of purchase to claim their bonus.

You will then login to either your Jvzoo or WarriorPlus account depending on which marketplace you are promoting from, to confirm the purchase.

After which you then send over the bonuses to the buyer.

But doing this every time someone buys through you can be time consuming, which is why the second method comes in.

ii. Automatic Delivery: On both WarriorPlus and Jvzoo, there is a space to insert your bonus delivery URL.

All that is required of you is to create another Google doc where you will place links to all the bonuses you are offering, but do not make the page public, rather make it private.

Then grab the share link and insert it in the space provided by both Jvzoo and WarriorPlus.

A dialog box will popup, where you will insert your bonus delivery URL.

This will deliver the bonuses automatically to anybody that buys through your affiliate link.

After purchasing, the buyer will just need to click on the access your bonus tab to get a link to the bonus delivery page, from where he or she will download the bonuses.

The Review Video

At this juncture, if you have done everything correctly you should have your affiliate link approved together with your review access.

To do a video review of any product, what you will do is to open up the sales page of the product that you want review, your bonus page and the members area of the product (remember, this will be contained in the review access that you requested from the product vendor).

Open up these pages on different tabs on your computer/laptop browser.

You will then open up your screen recording software i.e. OBS and start recording your screen.

The format to follow are listed below:

Introduce yourself: [Hi my name is (say your name here)]

Say what the video is all about: [Today I am going to be reviewing (say the name of the product)]

Talk about the features and benefits of the product: At this point, you have to be on the sales page.

While scrolling through the sales page, you then talk about some of the features and how it will be of benefit to the potential buyer.

Move over to your bonus page and explain the bonuses you have put together for that product.

Tell the potential buyer how your bonuses will be of help to them and that you are offering a custom bonus that cannot be gotten elsewhere except through you.

Remind them that your bonuses are for a limited time and only open to a certain number of buyers after which it will be closed to the public.

Then, move to the member area of the product and show inside of the member’s area.

This will help to elicit trust in you because the potential will know that you have access to the course and that you are not just recommending what you have not tried.

In addition, to wrap up your review show your bonus page again and encourage viewers to buy through you.

Show them where to click on your bonus page i.e. the Call-To-Action links with your affiliate link hyper-linked to it.

Also, do not forget to tell them how to claim their bonus after purchasing.

Finally, close your review thanking the viewers for checking out your review and encouraging them to purchase through you.

Doing A Review For A Product You Don’t Have Review Access To

This will be the case in an instance where the product vendor only approve you to promote their product but fails to give you review access.

If you’re just starting out, product vendors will not want to give you a review access because they might feel that you just want a free access to the product without paying for it.

That is why I advocate that you at least just pay for the product upfront so as to get access to the member’s area.

But in an event that you don’t review access for a product that you want to promote, this means that you’ll have to do a blind review without showing the members area.

This will still suffice.

Editing Your Video

When you’re done with the review, check for the video file on your computer and then edit the video using Shotcut video editor.

You can do a search on Youtube on how to edit videos using Shotcut video editor.

When you are done with editing the video, move on to the next phase.

Optimizing, Uploading and Ranking Your Review Video

If you have gotten to this point, you deserve a pat on the back, because it has not been an easy ride so far.

So moving on, the first thing to do is to rename your video file to [Product Name + Review].

For example, if the name of the product is “Traffic Nemesis” as in our example above, then the video file name will be “Traffic Nemesis Review”.

To rename the video file, simply right click on the video and select the rename option.

The second step will be to upload the video to Youtube.

The steps to follow are listed below:

i. Just login to your Youtube account and click on the video camera icon.

ii. A drop down dialog box will appear. On it, select the “Upload Video” option.

iii. The page below will popup. On it, click as shown on the image to switch to the classic video upload mode.

iv. It will then load up the page below, from which you can now upload your video.

But make sure that you change the upload format from public to unlisted.

This will ensure that the video will not be visible to the public until you are done formatting and optimizing the video to rank very well.

v. Click on the ‘Select files to upload’ button and select the video file from your computer to upload on Youtube.

vi. While the video is still uploading, you can change the title of the video.

The best format for video titles when it comes to product reviews are listed below:

  • KEYWORD – What They Don’t Tell You
  • KEYWORD – Don’t Buy Yet
  • KEYWORD – Is It Worth It?
  • KEYWORD – Does It REALLY Work?
  • KEYWORD – Update With Results
  • KEYWORD – Watch This Before Buying
  • KEYWORD – Don’t Buy Until You Watch This
  • KEYWORD – I can’t Believe It Did This
  • KEYWORD – Why Is Everyone Buying This?
  • KEYWORD – Did They Tell You it Would Do This Too?
  • KEYWORD – Hands On Review
  • KEYWORD – An Honest Review
  • KEYWORD – Buy It or Skip It?
  • KEYWORD – How Well Does It Perform
  • KEYWORD – Why So Much Buzz?
  • KEYWORD – My Top 3 Suggestions
  • KEYWORD – Is It Really This Simple?
  • KEYWORD – Should You Totally Avoid This?
  • KEYWORD – Here’s My Personal Story in 3 Minutes
  • KEYWORD – Struggling For Facts? Here They Are…
  • KEYWORD – I’m Exposing It All
  • KEYWORD – I’m Revealing What They Won’t
  • KEYWORD – With Demo and Bonuses
  • KEYWORD – What The Gurus Will Not Tell
  • KEYWORD – PLUS My Exclusive Bonuses
  • KEYWORD – Detailed Walk-Through + Bonuses
  • KEYWORD – Member Area Tour With BONUSES
  • KEYWORD – Exclusive Bonus Package Only Here
  • KEYWORD – Get My INSANE Bonuses
  • KEYWORD – With $250+ in Bonuses
  • KEYWORD – The GURUS Will Hate Me For Telling You This

You just pick any one that resonates well with the product you are promoting.

You can still visit other Youtuber’s channel to see the kind of titles they are using and you just model after what they are doing.

NOTE: KEYWORD in the title examples above will be the [Product Name + Review].

For instance, in our example above, the “KEYWORD” will be “Traffic Nemesis Review”.

So picking the first title example above together with our keyword will produce a video title of “Traffic Nemesis Review – What They Don’t Tell You”.

vii. The next to do is to write a product description for your video.

This will be a summary of what the product is all about and its benefit.

You can get this from the JV page of the product.

Try to aim for at least 300 word.

Once again, visit other affiliate’s video and see what they are doing, you just model after it.

viii. In addition to the above, you need to include your video tags.

Video tags are like related terms (keyword) that helps to describe your video.

The easiest way to get this is to visit the video reviews done by other affiliates.

This will help you because you are not going to be the only person that will be doing a review for that particular product.

While visiting other video reviews, make that the Vid IQ plugin is activated, it will load up all the tags for that video.

All that is left for to do is to copy the relevant tags and add to your own video.

For example, assuming we are promoting the product in our example, i.e. Traffic Nemesis, you’ll just search for “Traffic Nemesis Review” on Youtube.

From the list of results, visit any video and the tags for that video will show up if the Vid IQ plugin is turned on.

ix. Then, you will have to upload a custom video thumbnail.

Just head over to canva to design this.

At canva, you will an option that says Youtube thumbnail, click on it and start your design.

You can just type in the right dimension for Youtube thumbnail which is 1600 x 790 pixels, to begin your design straight away.

To get a video thumbnail idea, just visit the following channel: Jono Amstrong, Art Flair, VidSociety and Erick Cagi.

From these channels, you can get video thumbnail ideas that you can swipe.

After designing your thumbnail, just upload and select it to be the thumbnail for the video you just uploaded.

x. When you’re done, change the video from unlisted to public and,

xi. Final click on “Done” and your video review will be live on Youtube.

Ranking Your Video on YouTube

After your video is published, because your channel is new it may be difficult for your video to rank on Youtube and bring in views.

This is because you will be competing with top and super affiliate with already established authority channels.

To get past this hurdle, there are some critical steps that you must need take in order to rank your video and this should be done for every video that you put out. These steps are:

a. Ping Your Video: To do this, just grab your video URL and head over to

Fill in the title, paste the URL of the video and click on submit.

That is all to it.

What this service does is to send a signal to the web about the existence of your video.

b. Distribution to Social Media: Go and create an account on the major social media on the web, e.g. facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. and share your video on those platforms.

It will help to create backlinks to your video.

c. Medium Profile: Go to and get yourself a free account. Write a brief 500 word summary about your video.

Your summary should include the following:

  • What the video is all about
  • Whom it is made for
  • What an individual stand to gain from the video
  • Other benefits that the video contains

When you are done, go and post this summary on Medium.

Also don’t forget to link back to your video within the post.

Better still, you can embed your video within the post.

d. Quora Profile: The video that you just uploaded on Youtube must in one way or the other have problems that it is solving or question it is providing an answer to.

Take for instance this post you are currently reading, it is talking about things such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Launch jacking
  • How to do video review
  • Even how to record a video
  • How to promote digital products on Youtube
  • How to do affiliate promotion on Youtube using videos
  • How to do affiliate promotion without a website
  • How to properly optimize Youtube videos
  • How to make money online
  • How to rank Youtube videos, etc.

You will agree with me that all the above listed aspect has been covered in this post in one way or the other.

It should also interest you to know that each of the above listed aspects of these book are questions that people are asking on a daily basis on Quora and these people are constantly seeking for answers to their questions.

I can take out from the content of this post and present it to them as an answer to their questions.

That is exactly what you will be doing with your video.

Take your time and write out all the aspects that the video you just uploaded might be covering.

Is it:

How to do affiliate marketing?

Youtube advertisement?

Facebook advertisement?

Make money online?

Facebook group monetization?

How to use bots on Facebook to make money?

Email marketing?


Building an email list?

Pinterest marketing?

Social media marketing agency?

Whatever it is that your video might be talking about, just make a list of each and every one of them.

Then head over to Quora and search for those terms, you’ll surely find people asking questions on those aspect.

After you have find out some questions that your video can answer, just start providing answers to those question and at the end pitch your video as a resource for further learning.

For instance, using the product in our example, i.e. Traffic Nemesis, this is simply talking about generating free and organic traffic from facebook to blogs websites or squeeze pages.

On Quora, the questions below can be a good fit for our review video:

. . . . . . . . .

Most questions on Quora generates thousands of views and you can never tell who will click through to your video on Youtube and go through your bonus page to buy from you.

In addition, your video being on Quora will still serve as a backlink towards helping to rank your video on Youtube.

As a rule of thumb, try avoiding questions with more than a year old, this will not make your answer to be visible.

Also, don’t link straight to your video when answering any question, try putting up 300 word written content at the very least before recommending your video as a final resource.

How to Start Answering Questions On Quora

To start answering question on Quora, you will have to search for the question first.

From the list of results, click on the question that you want to answer.

This will then take you to the question page of that particular question.

From there, click on “Answer”, this will bring up the answer box in which you are to write your answer.

Scaling Up The Whole Process

At this point, your video review should be up on Youtube and probably on major places on the internet.

The major next thing to do is to repeat the whole process again and again for other products.

So, head over to Muncheye and find other upcoming launches and do the same thing as you may have probably done with your just concluded video.

I know that you may see this whole thing as being tedious and time consuming, that is because you are just starting out.

If you continue and become persistent, with time it will become a second nature to you.

You must know that you cannot just place one video and expect to make $10,000 over night.

This whole digital marketing stuff takes time to set in.

But with the right mind-set, hard work and dedication, you will surely get there.

So my advice to you is just get started anyhow and try as much as possible to be persistent.

As the saying goes “the journey of a thousand mile begins with a step”.

Try not to be a tire kicker.

Get up and start running today.

See you at the very top.

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