Fiverr SEO Tips – How To Rank Fiverr Gigs on First Page Fast

If you intend to be a top seller on Fiverr and be able to make money from the platform,

Then Fiverr SEO must be your top priority anytime you are listing a gig on Fiverr.

Deep knowledge on how to rank Fiverr gig on the first page will ensure more visibility and impression for your Fiverr gig.

Without knowing some basic Fiverr ranking factors, your Fiverr gig may not take-off after been listed on Fiverr.

Except you want to drop service Fiverr gigs using the Fiverr arbitrage method, Fiverr SEO is what will set you apart from other sellers on Fiverr.

This post shall reveal several Fiverr ranking tips that will help you to:

  • Do proper Fiverr keyword research
  • Understand Fiverr image SEO
  • Use the proper keywords for your Fiverr listings
  • Rank Fiverr gigs on the first page of Fiverr
  • Get more orders for your Fiverr gig, and
  • Make more money on Fiverr.

At this point, simply forget about what some online gurus may have told you about Fiverr SEO or how Fiverr ranks gigs on the first page of the search result and read this post thoroughly.

Even if you want to just make money on fiverr without doing the work, this post will be useful to you anytime you intend to start selling on Fiverr.

Fiverr SEO Tips – Best Fiverr On-page Optimization Guide

Before we get started, I must say that understanding Fiverr SEO and Fiverr gig on-page optimization will be simplified in this post.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new seller or an experienced seller on Fiverr, knowing how Fiverr ranks gigs will help you to be ahead of your competition.

By the end of this post, you should be able to understand how Fiverr algorithm works and know how to rank Fiverr gigs on the first page of Fiverr fast within 24 hours.

Some Fiverr SEO tips you must pay attention to if you want to rank on Fiverr are:

#1. Fiverr Keyword Research

Fiverr keyword research should be the very first to be done before listing any gig on Fiverr.

At least, you’ll want to list a gig that will bring in more sales after being listed.

By Fiverr keyword research, it simply means finding the right keywords that will help to rank your Fiverr gig.

With proper keyword research on Fiverr, you will see and discover the exact keywords people are searching for on Fiverr.

When you use these keywords that people are typing in, your Fiverr gig will rank well and show up whenever those searches are made.

As far as Fiverr SEO is concerned, keyword research is the foundation of all other Fiverr ranking tips.

How To Do Proper Fiverr Keyword Research

Let’s say you want to list a logo design gig on Fiverr, the first thing to do is to search for the term “logo design

As you can see, Fiverr is showing you the exact term people are searching for on the “Suggested Tab

Logo Design Fiverr Gig Search

From here on, what you’re expected to do is to niche down and choose which of the keywords you want to target.

The particular keyword you’ll want to target will depend on what you can do or offer.

It could be minimalist logo design, creative logo design or minimal logo design, it all depends on your level of expertise, interest or experience.

Let’s say we choose to go with the keyword “simple logo design’’,

Our Fiverr gig title would look like this: “I Will Make An Awesome Simple Logo Design

Gig Description: For the gig description, we must know that Fiverr search engine pays more attention to relevance.

So in this case, our main keyword which is “simple logo design” should appear at least three times in the description.

In addition, you should then include four other keywords from the “Suggested Tab”.

For example:

  • creative logo design
  • minimalist logo design
  • minimal logo and
  • signature logo design.

These four other keywords can be creative logo design, minimalist logo design, minimal logo and signature logo design.

With these keywords, you can now write out your gig description to have all of these keywords fit in naturally.

NOTE: Your main keyword should appear within the first sentence and three times in your description.

Gig Tags: Your Fiverr gig tags should be your main keyword first and the four other keywords which you’ve chosen.

This is simply because Fiverr only allows five tags per gig.

This means that our Fiverr gig tags will be: simple logo design, creative logo design, minimalist logo design, minimal logo and signature logo design.

If everything is done properly, the logo design gig we are trying to list should look like this:

Title: I Will Make An Awesome Simple Logo Design.

Description: Are looking for an awesome simple logo design for your business or next project? Well, this is the end of that search because in this logo design gig, I’ll professionally design a modern logo for you.

A good creative logo design doesn’t need to look complicated, that is why our in-house experts will personally make you a minimalist logo design that you’ll ultimately love. It doesn’t matter what your next project is, with this gig, you’re getting a professional-looking modern logo design.

Due to the fact that we know that a good logo that will represent your brand’s vision does not need to cost an arm, this gig will not only provide you with a simple logo design but a logo with a minimalist design and look.

My team and I have done lots of creative logo designs all with the concept of a minimal logo in mind. So be rest assured that you are dealing with a person who has customer satisfaction at the very top of his priority.

Though a simple logo design, it has the power to project your brand awareness and help to drive your organization’s goals and dreams.

Even though there are lots of sellers providing logo design service, I’d like to let you know that I am the best fit for your next signature logo design project.

Samples of my previous work are readily available for your kind perusal and viewing pleasure.

I look forward to working with you very soon.

See you on the inside!

Tags: simple logo design, creative logo design, minimalist logo design, minimal logo and signature logo design.

As you have seen, I have tried to build in both our keyword and the four other keywords into the description naturally.

That is what you must try to do and not to spam because Fiverr’s algorithm can easily detect spam.

When you spam on Fiverr, your gig will be pushed down the search result and you’ll lose your ranking. What it simply means is that your gig will not get an impression, no order and you’ll not make any money.

This is how the finished work should look like…

Fiverr Gig Description Example

Green Colour = Main keyword

Red Colour = Four other keywords

In summary, for quick Fiverr SEO wins, your Fiverr keyword research should accommodate the following:

  1. Have a niche in mind
  2. Do a search on Fiverr to see what people are searching for
  3. Pick a particular keyword to go for
  4. Pick four additional keywords to add to your main keyword
  5. Your main keyword should appear in your Fiverr gig title
  6. Your main keyword should appear within the first sentence of your gig description
  7. Your main keyword should also appear at least thrice in your description
  8. The four other keywords should appear naturally in your description
  9. Write out about three hundred words description
  10. Your main keyword together with the four other keywords should be your Fiverr gig tags

With this, you have learnt how to do keyword research for a Fiverr gig.

#2. Congruency of Fiverr Gig Title and URL

Once your gig is live on Fiverr, its URL cannot be changed.

To this end, it is advisable to avoid changing your gig title. This is simply because if you do this, your gig title and the URL will not match-up.

Congruent Fiverr Gig and URL

Here is a Fiverr gig with a non-congruent title and URL.

Non-Congruent Fiverr Gig and URL

In a situation in which you don’t have the same title and URL for your Fiverr gig, it will affect your ranking.

This is a little secret that most people selling on Fiverr don’t know.

This is because Fiverr automatically inserts your gig title into the URL of that particular gig. And this is usually a one-time thing.

But anytime you change your gig title, Fiverr will not change the URL of that gig to reflect the new title.

If your Fiverr gig title and URL does not match-up, your gig will lose relevance in the sight of the Fiverr search spiders.

This will mean that it will be hard for Fiverr search spider to find and rank your Fiverr gig. Instead of changing your gig title, it is advisable to create a new gig and leave the old gig.

#3. Use Click Bait Thumbnail

Click Bait Fiverr Thumbnails

As part Fiverr ranking factor, the click-through-rate (CTR) of your gig is looked at.

This then simply means that you have to pay close attention to Fiverr image SEO.

For example, if 100 people saw your gig and only 15 clicked on it, it means that your gig has a 15% CTR.

Fiverr will always rank first the gig with the highest CTR because it simply shows that the gig fulfils the search intent of the searcher.

Just try as much as possible to have a catchy and attractive image that will draw people’s attention to what you are offering.

In addition, pay close attention to what your competition who are ranking are doing with their gig image and try as much as possible to replicate it.

Your thumbnail should be able to tell people at a glance what they should expect from your gig.

#4. Avoid High Bounce Rate on Your Fiverr Gig

Even though we have talked about using a clickbait thumbnail, you must be careful of a high bounce rate.

People clicking on your gig is usually not the problem, but retaining them on your gig page is.

If you succeed in getting people to click on your gig as a result of a catchy title and good thumbnail, but these people immediately click back into the search result, it will hurt your rankings.

A high bounce will tell Fiverr that your gig does not actually provide the solution for the potential buyer.

In order to avoid, you must try as must as possible to have a good and detailed gig description that will tell the search every possible detail about your gig.

#5. Optimize Your Gig Image

Did you know that your Fiverr image can rank on Google images when properly optimized?

Old Woman Spell on Google

Google ranks images by looking at the name and properties of the images.

If you want to rank your Fiverr gig image on Google, simply rename your image with the title of your gig and add Fiverr to it.

As an example, let’s say your Fiverr gig title is “I Will Make An Awesome Simple Logo Design”, your image name should be renamed to “I Will Make An Awesome Simple Logo Design Fiverr”.

That will help to rank your image on Google and have people clicking over to your gig, which might lead to a sale.

Just look at this… if you search for “old woman spell” on Google images and click on the Fiverr image that appears.

Old Woman Spell on Google Clicked

Now, click on “Fiverr” button. This should take you to the actual gig on Fiverr.

Old Woman Spell Gig on Fiverr

As you can see, properly optimizing your Fiverr gig image will help it to rank on Google and drive more sales.

#6. Increase Your Gig Favourite

Gig favourites on Fiverr are like signals to the Fiverr algorithm that people love that particular gig.

Due to the fact that people will naturally like and love what is good, it thus means that any favourite gig on Fiverr is a good gig.

Fiverr gig favourites are just like backlinks and trust signals within Fiverr.

Gigs with more favourites tend to be ranked high on Fiverr, all things being equal, if all other Fiverr SEO metrics are in place, your Fiverr gig should rank on the first page without any stress.

As an example, let’s search for “article writing” on Fiverr.

Article Writing Gig on Fiverr

If we check the top-ranking gigs, we should see a high number of favourites.

Article Writing Gig on Fiverr With High Favourites

This again

Article Writing Gig on Fiverr With High Favourites 2

And this

Article Writing Gig on Fiverr With High Favourites 3

As you have seen, having a good number of gig favourites will greatly help your gig to rank on Fiverr.

How To Increase Fiverr Gig Favourite

Now that you have seen that there is a high correlation between high gig favourite and ranking on the first page of Fiverr, you might be wondering or asking – how do I increase my Fiverr gig favourite?

To be able to do this, just head over to Facebook and search for “Fiverr gig favourite exchange” and click on “Groups” to only show related Facebook groups.

Fiverr Gig Favourite Exchange Search on Facebook

Join the groups with more engagements i.e. groups with “over 200 posts in a day

Fiverr Gig Favourite Exchange Active Groups on Facebook

In those groups, you will find people looking for fiverr gig favourite exchange.

Fiverr Gig Favourite Exchange

If you find this type of post, comment and tell the poster that you’re ready to do gig favourite exchange and then send your gig link across to the poster.

What this means is that you’ll go on Fiverr and add his gig as a favourite while he does the same to your gig.

If there are enough people looking to this, then you’ll have to it for all those involved while they do the same for you. In this way, you get to increase your gig favourite for free.

In essence, what you are doing is just exchanging gig favourite with other people. With this simple method, you can get more than 30 gig favourite for your gig on Fiverr.

What this will tell Fiverr is that people are loving and liking your gig, which will then help to push up your gig on the ranking to the first page.

#7. Prevent Order Cancellation

Order cancellations on Fiverr send a very bad signal to Fiverr concerning your gig. It leads to poor customer satisfaction.

Due to the singular reason that Fiverr is a service-based site with the intent to satisfy buyers, order fulfilment is paramount to them.

Some of the things that can lead to an order to be cancelled are:

  • The buyer not satisfied with the order
  • Seller not delivering on his promise
  • Seller failed to deliver the order on time
  • Buyer asking for a refund. Etc.

As you can see, none of the reasons above is good let alone to be accepted from anyone. Try as much as possible to always have zero cancellations on Fiverr.

If you are short of time, one hack you can use is to plead with the buyer to have the order marked as complete while you deliver at a later date.

You can use bonuses to entice buyers to avoid cancelling an order. Fiverr will always rank gigs with high order fulfilment against those with a high rate of order cancellation.

#8. Get Your First Five Reviews

Once you create a gig on Fiverr and you want that gig to rank on the first page, try to get early reviews to your gig.

Early reviews for your Fiverr gig will automatically signal to the Fiverr algorithm that your gig though new has high relevance.

If you have noticed, once you make a search on Fiverr, gigs are ranked based on relevance.

Fiverr Gigs Ranked Based on Relevance

How To Get Fiverr Gig Reviews

I do know that getting reviews is a difficult task especially if you’re new on fiverr.

To be able to get amount of reviews for your gig, Facebook will come in handy in this regard.

On Facebook, search for “fiverr gig review exchange” and sort by “Groups”.

Fiverr Gig Review Exchange Search on Facebook

From the result, only join the groups with more engagements i.e. groups with “over 200 posts in a day

Fiverr Gig Review Exchange Active Groups on Facebook

As always, in those groups, you will find people looking for “fiverr gig review exchange

Fiverr Gig Review Exchange

If you find this type of post, comment and tell the poster that you’re ready to do gig review exchange and then send your gig link across to the poster.

What will happen is that you will have to order each other’s gig and leave a positive 5-star review on your gigs.

If have enough cash to spend, you can engage in as many gig review exchange as possible. 5 – 10 positive reviews on a new gig that you are trying to rank should be able to rank your gig on the first page of fiverr.

#9. Being Active on Fiverr

If you’re always online on fiverr and quickly responds to messages, fiverr will gig your gig more preference and rank your gig.

Fiverr measures this metric through what is known as response rate.

There is absolutely no need ranking a gig that the seller will not be available to deliver on the orders. That is why those gigs ranking high on fiverr are from sellers that are ever online to respond to messages and buyer request.

High Respeonse Time

The major way to keep your response rate high is to be quick to reply to people immediately the message you on fiverr.

How To Boost Fiverr Response Rate

You can download the fiverr app to your phone so that anytime you receive a message, you’ll instantly notified through the app.

Another thing to do is to use Facebook as well.

On Facebook, in the groups that you have joined already for gig favourite and review exchange, make a post seeking for response rate boost.

Fiverr Gig Response Rate Boost

When you response, simply send each other a message on fiverr and try to reply those messages on time.

This way, you should see a boost in the response rate on your fiverr dashboard.

#10. Use Buyer Request

On fiverr you have the ability to send 10 offers daily to other people’s buyer request.

What this means is that you can reply to buyers looking for specific request from sellers.

The best part of this is that you can do this 10 times daily per fiverr account that you own.

Doing this daily will tell the fiverr algorithm that you are active and this will help to boost your gig rankings.

#11. Early Gig Delivery Time

Delivering your gig on time will give your buyer enough time to access the level of your work and possibly ask for a revision if need be.

While early gig delivery time will help to boost your response rate, it does also help to ensure that the possibility of having a cancelled order is ruled out.

If your delivery time is low, it then means that should fiverr rank your gig, you’ll not deliver on time when you get an order. Due to this, fiverr may not want to rank your gig.

Fiverr will rather prefer to rank the gigs of those who will deliver on time so as to increase buyer’s satisfaction.

#12. Having Orders in Queue

Try doing a search for the keyword that you want to rank for and you’ll find out that top ranking gigs always have orders in queue.

Fiverr Gig Order in Queue Search

Here are the top gigs have orders in queue…

Fiverr Gig Order in Queue Result 2

And this..

Fiverr Gig Order in Queue Result

If you go to page 5 of the same keyword

Fiverr Gig Order in Queue Page 5

And click on the top ranking gigs’

Fiverr Gig Order in Queue page 5 Search

You’ll see that they have little or no orders in queue

Fiverr Gig No Order in Queue Result

and this below…

Fiverr Gig No Order in Queue Result 2

This shows that having orders in queue is a potential ranking factor on fiver that can help to rank your gigs on the first page of fiverr.

Having orders in queue will also act as a social proof and help to lure potential buyers to consider ordering your gig.

The thinking will be that if people are ordering your gig, it then means that the gig is a good one.

The best way to achieve this is explained below:

  1. Do a search for your target keyword on fiverr
  2. Open the first five top ranking gigs to see the number of gigs they have in queue
  3. Calculate the average of that number
  4. Go to your gig and raise the delivery time to up to 30 days
  5. Do a fiverr gig order exchange using Facebook
  6. Once orders comes in, delay to deliver since you have 30 days to do so

Then edit back the gig to the previous delivery time. But because the previous orders was gotten when it was on a 30 day delivery time, those orders will not be affected by the new delivery time.

This way, you’ll have orders in queue for any fiverr gig that you want to rank on the first page of the fiverr search result page.

Another way to go about this is to create multiple fiverr accounts and use those account to place an order for the gig that you want to rank.

In addition, you can ask family and friends to place an order for your gig. Since you have raised the delivery time, just delay to deliver the gig and it will show as orders in queue.

By doing this, your gig will stay on the first page regularly, which will help to bring in more sales.

#13. Drive Traffic To Your Gig

Gigs ranking on the page one of fiverr are able to achieve that because of high traffic and impressions to those gigs.

Even though fiverr has a ton of traffic coming to it, you should not only rely on the traffic inside of fiverr to get impressions and traffic to your gigs.

Try as much as possible to get traffic from external sources to your fiverr gig.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Fiverr Gigs and Get More Impressions

One of the ways to get traffic to your gig on fiverr is through proper fiverr image SEO.

This is because if your gig image thumbnail on fiverr is properly optimized, it can rank well on Google.

This improved Google ranking can then lead to traffic for your gig and possibly, a sale.

Secondly, you can use Instagram for this method.


On Instagram, build your account and get enough following. In the bio of your account, add a link to your gig on fiverr.

This will help to get traffic and possibly, a sale for you gig on fiverr.

In addition, you can use Youtube!


Go start a Youtube channel and start making videos that your fiverr gig addresses!

In the description of the Youtube video, place a link to your fiverr gig and you will notice clicks from Youtube through to your gig.

Finally, Quora can be used for this approach as well!


Simply go to Quora and start answering questions around the niche of your fiverr gig.

In your answers, you can then link back to your gig on fiverr. If you are consistent with Quora, you’ll see a massive traffic to your gig.


It is a wrap for this post!

Proper fiverr SEO and how to rank fiverr gigs on the first page of fiverr should not be a difficult thing to do.

I’d like to know, what your biggest takeaway from this post is.

Kindly use the comment section to share your thought with me.

Don’t forget to share and like this post.

See you somewhere online.

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