About Me

So you really want to know more about me right?About Me

Over the past few years, I have been able to setup few blogs online by just learning how to do it on my own.

While some were successful, a handful of them were total failure and some was just a practice blogs (or was done for leaning purposes).

Even though I was able to setup these blogs even though not knowing much, my keen observation in most online communities is the issue that most people still find it difficult to setup a simple WordPress blog.

Most people still struggle with the best hosting company to go with, some are looking for the best theme for their blog, there are those whose problem is the best plugins to use while there are those who are broke beginners and are financially dire straight are thus, looking the best means to start a blog on a budget.

Whatever the problem may be when it comes to setting up a successful WordPress and ecommerce site that is the singular reason why I started Blog Carrot so as to help individuals with the best tolls and advice when it comes to creating a WordPress site.

On this blog, you will surely find all the best information and advice you need to build or create your very first WordPress blog and scale your blog and online business to greater heights.

As you may have noticed, I also talk about themes, web host, plugins, page builders, ecommerce and shopify, monetization and how to get traffic on this blog.

Should in case you have any question, you can contact me or simply checkout a post on this site and leave a comment.

I’m here to see you succeed with your blog.

See you at the top.